3 popular window treatment options

If you are shopping for new custom window coverings, it can often be difficult to even begin your search. With thousands of curtain ideas and styles out there, narrowing down your options can be a seemingly insurmountable task. Custom window treatments are an important part of any home, however, because they offer more than just an aesthetic appeal to each room. Improving the energy efficiency, privacy and security of your home are just three of the purposes that your drapes or blinds will serve on a regular basis.

Here are three popular window treatment options for your home:

  • Blinds: The main advantage to having blinds installed in your home is the amount of control they give you on the privacy of your room. Venetian blinds, for example, can be opened to different angles throughout the day, so you can decide how much light you would like let into the house.
  • Drapes: When it comes to having your window covered, it is hard to go wrong when choosing drapes. Not only do they come in enough options so that you will find a set that looks great in your house, their thick fabric will help keep the sun's light and heat out of your home. This is perfect to make sure that your home stays cool in the summer!
  • Roller shades: More and more people are having roller blinds installed in their houses for the convenience that they offer. Motorized blinds allow you to have total control over opening and closing your window coverings without even having to get up from the couch.

If you are interested in having new window treatments installed in your home, be sure to schedule an at-home appointment with Ruffell & Brown!