3 steps to check for air leaks around the house

If the doors and windows in your home are more than a decade old, there is a good chance they need to be replaced. This is especially true if you can feel a draft coming in, which means the windows are not effectively doing their job anymore.

If you are not entirely sure if there is an air leak in your house, there are different ways you can go about finding out. By following a few simple tips, you will be able to find out where the air is leaking.

Here are some easy steps for finding air leaks:

  • Consider places where the air might be leaking. This will likely be around the doors and windows in every room, but it can also be in places where you might not initially think to look – where brick meets wood or another combination of different materials coming together.
  • You should then depressurize your home by sealing it up entirely. Close every door and window, as well as any vents that let air in and out of the house. This process will only work if everything is completely sealed.
  • Then walk around with a lit incense stick, watching the smoke very carefully. If you notice that it begins to billow in a certain direction and is drawn out of the house, you have found a leak that needs to be dealt with.

A great way to keep air from circulating out of your house is by investing in high-quality custom window blinds. The less air wasted, the lower your energy bills will be each month! Schedule an at-home appointment today with Ruffell & Brown to learn more about the window treatments we carry.