A professional touch: Window treatments for your home office

One of the perks of the modern economy is that an increasing number of people are able to work remotely. On top of the convenience of avoiding all that traffic, this presents an opportunity to create a home office that reflects your professionalism, integrity and, most important, sense of style. When it comes to decorating a home office, there are a few things that you want to keep in mind, especially if you're in the market for some sharp-looking window treatments.

According to Home and Garden Television (HGTV), you want to take your time when deciding which window furnishings to use in your home office. The key is to choose a style that isn't too flashy or eye-catching, as you may have to one day use your home office to speak with clients or business partners. Additionally, because you'll spend a good deal of time there, your home office should be decorated according to your personal tastes. 

You don't want to select something that's ostentatious enough to be distracting, nor simple enough to make the room look bland. Some interior designers believe that a color scheme can influence productivity. In this vein, you might want to choose a shade of green to spur creativity, red to encourage aggressiveness (if you're in sales) or blue to enhance relaxation (if you're in a hectic management position).

Blinds and custom window shades are a perfect complement to a home office if you need privacy and comfort. Reach out to Ruffell & Brown Window Fashions today, and let our professional staff help you pick out an aesthetic that will improve and define your home office.