Are Vertical Blinds Still In Style?

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7 reasons why vertical blinds are a popular choice in residential and commercial design


Over the past 34 years, Ruffell & Brown Window Covering Centre has grown to become one of the largest independently owned decorating retailers in Canada.  While we’ve seen our share of design trends come and go, vertical blinds are a time-tested window covering solution that’s here to stay.  Vertical blinds first came into popularity as a style choice in the 80s and 90s and they remain a popular choice today due to their versatility.  Here are seven reasons why you may want to consider vertical blinds for your design project:

  1. Vertical blinds provide flexible light control

Most homeowners appreciate light-filled rooms, but when sunlight streams directly into your windows, that’s often another story.  Direct sunlight can quickly make a room uncomfortably warm and over time, can even fade or damage furnishings.  Have you ever tried to watch television when the sun is pouring into your family room only to have a hard time seeing the picture due to glare?  Vertical blinds are a great option for filtering and redirecting direct sunlight.  With a variety of materials and opacity options as well as the ability to control tilt and angle, it’s often possible to block direct sunlight, while still letting light through and being able to see outside.

  1. Vertical blinds are great for sound absorption

If you’ve ever been in a room with a number of large windows, you’ve probably noticed that the acoustics of that room can often sound harsh or hollow.  If your home is located in a lively urban area or on a busy street, outside noise can be an annoyance, even with windows that provide some soundproofing.  Vertical blinds can provide superior sound absorption for large windows and glass doors, helping to mask noise from outside your home and significantly softening a room’s acoustics.

  1. Vertical blinds come in a wide range of design options

When most people think of vertical blinds, they often picture the premade, off-white vinyl ones that can be found in the home section of most large box stores.  At Ruffell & Brown, we can introduce you to a whole new world of design options with a rich variety of textures, colours, patterns and materials for vertical blinds that will appeal to even the most discerning of design eyes.

Ruffell & Brown Design Tip: Gliding panels can provide a sleek, contemporary design that will add a touch of modern drama to any room. When open, the panels stack tightly and provide unobstructed views. Left closed, they display their rich fabric and texture. Available in a variety of colors, textures, opacities and openness factors, there is a fabric for every home or office decor. A fabric-wrapped cassette, sleek metal valance, fabric valance and box valance are available as top treatment options. An interlocking bottom weight prevents the panels from tangling and adds stability.

  1. Vertical blinds can make rooms with lower ceiling heights look taller

Not all of us live in sprawling homes with 20-foot ceilings.  Whether you’re in a condo, an apartment or just an older home with lower ceilings, vertical blinds are a great design choice to help amplify your room height.  Just like vertical stripes in clothing can make a person look taller, the long slats of vertical blinds can have a similar effect on your interior spaces.

Ruffell & Brown Design Tip:  If you’re really looking to maximize the optical illusion of vertical blinds in order to make a room look taller, consider installing your vertical blinds so that they hang from ceiling to floor.  Light funneling vertically through the slats will give the impression that windows and ceilings are higher than they actually are.

  1. Vertical blinds are a great solution for larger windows and patio doors

Traditional window coverings can often be problematic for larger windows.  Venetian blinds, for example, can become quite heavy to operate and other options, including roller blinds, can lack design sophistication.  With their louvre construction, vertical blinds can help create a subtler look that, as previously mentioned, can control light without completely obstructing your views.  Vertical blinds are also a fantastic option for French doors and sliding patio doors, providing the same great light control, while still allowing you to come and go from the door with ease.

Ruffell & Brown Design Tip: For sliding glass doors, French doors and expansive windows, we particularly like Luminette Privacy Sheers by Hunter Douglas.  Modelled after vertical blinds, these uniquely designed vertical sheers are crafted with soft fabric vanes, to both preserve your view and diffuse light while still providing privacy and blocking harsh sunlight. This product provides the look of a sheer drape with the versatility of blinds.

  1. Vertical blinds are an economical choice

If you’re looking to create impact on a budget, vertical blinds are an affordable option, particularly for larger windows and glass doors.  With a broad selection of materials, vertical blinds are a far more economical choice compared with window drapes and traditional shades, particularly for those larger windows and glass doors.

  1. Vertical blinds are low maintenance and easy to repair

We’ve all been there…  The family pet decides to make their mark on the expansive set of custom curtains and now you’re struggling to figure out how to get yards of delicate fabric cleaned or repaired.  Or perhaps it’s cleaning day and those horizontal blinds are in desperate need of the ol’ vinegar and water wash, a task that is both tedious and time-consuming and often leads to kinked slats and tangled lines.  Vertical blinds by their nature collect far less dust than curtains or horizontal blinds.  Depending on the material, they can be easily cleaned using a soft cloth with warm water and mild detergent or vacuumed with a brush attachment.  Also, while all our vertical blinds are quality products made to last, if repairs are needed, it is often easy and economical to source parts and make repairs without having to replace an entire window covering.

Let Ruffell & Brown help you find your perfect window coverings

Whether you’re looking for style, function, flexibility or affordability, vertical blinds really do check all the boxes.  If you’re looking for vertical blinds – or any window treatment solutions, for that matter – the knowledgeable and friendly team at Ruffell & Brown Window Covering Centre are here to help you.  You can stop by our Victoria, BC showroom to view the many options we have available or get in touch to book a free consultation with one of our window fashions experts.

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