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How to Choose the Best Window Treatment for Bay Windows

Bay windows are a beautiful architectural feature on any home, but finding bay window curtains and blinds that fit well can sometimes be tricky. 

The good news is, there are lots of options for bay window blinds and other bay window coverings that will offer the light control and privacy you desire while flattering the unique shape of your bay windows.

Whether you prefer something unobtrusive and simple or would prefer a window covering that adds a bolder decorative design element, there is a bay window treatment option for every style.

What’s The Best Window Treatment for Bay Windows?

Bay windows are uniquely shaped, featuring three sides that project out from the wall of the building. Bay windows usually consist of one main, or picture, window and two side windows that are most commonly angled at 45 or 90 degrees, creating a nook, or ‘bay’.

The best window coverings for bay windows should fit within the bay itself to emphasize the unique shape while still maximizing privacy.

Read on for more information about the best window treatments for bay windows.

Venetian Blinds for Bay Windows

Venetian blinds are the most classic of all window treatments and many people favour them over other types of window coverings. Venetian blinds are a good option for bay windows because:

  • They are elegant and simple in design: This makes it easy for them to fit perfectly in any room, regardless of decor. 
  • They are available in different materials: Choose from aluminum, wood or anything else that suits your decor needs.
  • They offer complete light control: You can choose how much light is let into a room by adjusting the angles of the slats. Keep them fully open to fully closed or anything in between.
  • They balance letting in light with maintaining privacy: You can keep your blinds partially open and remain unseen by the outside world.
  • They are effortless to clean: Simply wipe the slats down occasionally with a damp cloth to get rid of dust or debris.

Roller Blinds/Shades for Bay Windows

Roller blinds (also called roller shades) are made of sheet fabric that rolls up around a tube situated at the top of the window. Super easy to operate, you can choose exactly where you want the blind to be positioned.

Roller blinds are ideal for bay windows because:

  • It is easy to control light and privacy.
  • They fit neatly into the bay window frame. Usually, one blind is used for each side of the bay, although if your picture window is particularly wide you can opt for two or three smaller roller blinds.
  • A huge variety of fabric colours and designs are available for roller blinds including sheer or light blocking.

Draperies and Curtains for Bay Windows

Drapes or curtains are a great way to dress bay windows while retaining your personal style or highlighting the decor of the room. 

They are an aesthetically pleasing and versatile option for bay windows because:

  • Drapery fabric is available in many colours, designs and textures, from sheer and floaty to heavy and warm allowing you to pick a style that suits you.
  • Curtains can accommodate the shape of a bay window well. Use a curved curtain rod to allow the fabric to frame the bay so the shape is still visible even when the drapes are closed.
  • Alternatively, drapes can be used only in the corners of the bay as a design accent.

If you are considering curtains for your bay window, remember to get enough panels to cover all the sides.

Roman Shades for Bay Windows

Roman shades add a decorative touch to any window and are able to easily accommodate the unique design of a bay window.  

  • They frame large bay windows nicely.
  • They come in different textures so can create a visual contrast or blend into a current decorative theme.
  • They are customizable: Add options such as interlining, blackout lining, decorative trimmings and edge accents to create a unique shade.

You can choose between different types of Roman shades, such as classic, hobbled or relaxed, which all provide a different look, whether you want something elegant and traditional or prefer a more contemporary finish. 

Soft Vertical Blinds for Bay Windows

Soft vertical blinds are the perfect marriage between the convenience of vertical blinds and the elegance of soft drapery folds. Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds have curved vanes that look great on any window and offer exceptional sound absorption, elegant styling and translucency to let in natural light.

Vertical blinds work well for bay windows because:

  • They can be fitted to accommodate the angled sides for maximum light and privacy control.
  • It is easy to control the vanes on each side independently for privacy and light control where you want it.
  • Vertical blinds suit short and full-length windows well and are easy to operate and clean.

What to Consider When Choosing Bay Window Coverings

There is a lot to consider when choosing which type of window treatment you want for your bay windows, but the following advice will make it easier: 

  • Let your window coverings frame the bay: Avoid cluttering the bay or obstructing the view.
  • Mount your drapery high: Mount along the return walls of the bay window for a better fall and finish.
  • Avoid exposed cords: The Government of Canada has officially banned the use of cords on all blinds, draperies and shades in order to adhere to child and pet safety standards.
  • Choose an expert service provider for your window treatment needs: Ruffell & Brown Window Covering Centre can help you make the right choice when adding a window covering to your bay windows. 

Ruffell and Brown, based in Victoria, BC offers a wide selection of drapes, blinds and other window treatments for all the windows in your home, including bay windows.

Book an appointment today and we’ll come right to you for an in-home consultation to discuss all the options available to you.

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