Top 10 Benefits of Wood Shutters for Your Windows

A bathroom with wood shutters in the window.

Why Interior Wood Shutters are a Great Choice for Energy Efficiency and Privacy

Real wood shutters have a style and an old-world charm that is just as at home in a modern setting as it is in a traditional one.

As well as adding a beautiful and timeless finish to your windows, interior wood shutters also have a surprising number of benefits, including insulative properties that can help save energy.

Wood shutter blinds not only bring a natural warmth that complements any style of décor, but they are durable and hard-wearing, making them a good long-term investment for your home.

Real wood shutters can be stained or painted in a wide range of tones and colours to blend in or stand out from your interior décor while still showcasing the natural, rich finish of real timber.

Although there are many alternative options to real wood for window coverings, there is nothing quite like the look and feel of solid wood window shutters. Read on to find out the many benefits of choosing wood shutters.

Top 10 Benefits of Interior Wood Shutters

  • Energy Efficient

One of the biggest benefits of shutters is their insulating properties. Because custom shutters fit so well against the window, they create an additional layer that helps to regulate heat inside the room. 

In hot summer months, closed shutters can help to keep the heat out, reducing reliance on air conditioning systems to cool the room. They are also beneficial in winter, as the extra layer helps to prevent heat loss from the home through the window glass.

These insulating properties can reduce energy consumption while retaining a comfortable indoor temperature year-round.

  • Privacy and Security

Wood shutters allow you to have as much privacy as you desire. The louvers can be adjusted to let light in while still maintaining privacy from neighbours or the road outside. The solid structure of shutters means that when closed, they offer complete privacy, even at night, with lights on inside the room.

Shutters also contribute to security by blocking the view into the home and creating a physical barrier to entry.

  • Easy Maintenance

The protective finish on wood shutters makes them very easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe with a duster or damp cloth should be all that is required to keep your shutters looking as good as new.

  • Durable and Long-Lasting

Real wood is naturally hard-wearing and durable, and when combined with quality construction, you can expect your wood shutters to last a lifetime.

  • Complete Light Control

As with privacy, shutters allow complete control over light regulation. Fully open the shutter doors for maximum light and view through, or keep the doors closed and adjust the louvers to your preferred light level. By adjusting the louvers throughout the day, you can retain natural light without letting the sun’s harmful UV rays directly in.

  • Classic and Timeless Design

Wood shutters are always in fashion. Their timeless look complements most décor styles, from contemporary to farmhouse to high-end traditional. Whether you prefer a natural stained finish or a deep and rich paint colour, there is something to suit every taste.

TIP: For some indoor wood shutter inspiration, check out these plantation shutter design ideas!

  • Add Value

While real wood shutters can be a significant investment for your home, they also add considerable value at resale. The look and long-lasting durability of shutters appeal to potential buyers who will be glad to enjoy their many benefits. 

  • Sound Dampening

The insulating properties of interior wood shutters also act as a natural sound barrier. They can help to reduce loud sounds or deaden the continuous drone of a busy road outside your home. They can also work the other way, reducing how much sound escapes from your home, from loud music, for example.

  • Easy to Operate

Shutters are very easy to operate by hand. The doors open at a hinge attached to the window opening or a frame. The louvers are controlled with a simple tilt bar, which is located on the front of the shutters or can be concealed on the back side for a more seamless look.

Motorized louver tilting is also an option, useful for large, high or unusually shaped windows.

  • Completely Customizable

No set of wooded shutters is the same. With custom-designed interior shutters, you can choose the width of your louvers (2.5, 3.5 or 4.5 inches), your tilting option, whether to have a frame or not and, of course, colour and finish. 

If you are not sure what will look best throughout your home, your window coverings specialist will be able to advise.

Is Real Wood a Good Choice for Shutters?

Choosing real wood shutters is a good choice for many reasons. At Ruffell and Brown, we offer real wood shutters produced in Canada by FineCraft from solid wood that has been kiln-dried and treated to prevent any warping or shrinking due to sun or damp exposure.

Real wood is a good choice for window shutters because:

  • Real wood interior shutters come with superior construction, attention to detail and exquisite finishings that will add an instant touch of class to your home.
  • Wood is a natural insulator of both heat and sound and when combined with the snug fit of custom window shutters, it offers superior results.
  • Wood is naturally strong but also lightweight, which makes real wood shutters perfect to cover the span of larger windows without sagging.
  • Wood is a natural and renewable material as well as recyclable and biodegradable, making it a good choice for the eco-conscious.

Can I Use Real Wood Shutters in My Bathroom?

Although real wood is sometimes criticized for its ability to withstand damp environments, modern wooden shutters are made with pre-treated wood, which can stand up to all but the most humid of rooms.

The good news is there are high-quality faux-wood options that work well in hot and damp rooms, such as hybrid or Polysatin vinyl shutters that are resistant to warping and discoloration. If you are looking to install interior wood shutters throughout your home, including bathrooms and kitchens, faux wood solutions can blend in seamlessly with your other window coverings.

Want Interior Wood Shutters in Victoria, BC?

If you are considering investing in interior wood shutters for your home, the team at Ruffell and Brown can guide you to the best options for your home.

Stop by our Victoria, BC showroom to view our range of interior shutters or contact us for a free estimate today.


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