Best Living Room Blinds for Privacy and Style: A Homeowner’s Guide

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Comparing Living Room Blinds: Which Options Are Best?

Are you looking for new living room blinds but not sure which option to go for? When it comes to living room window treatments, there are a lot of choices – from simple and elegant blinds to stylish light-blocking curtains.

The best living room blinds for you will depend on what you’re looking for in a window covering. While some people want to add warmth and coziness, others may be seeking privacy or light control. Whatever your needs, there are plenty of stylish options available.

In this blog, we’ll compare options for living room blinds and other living room window treatments. We’ll also review the best living room blinds if you want more privacy and what to choose if the style is your top requirement.

What to Consider When Choosing Living Room Blinds

The living room is the one room in which the entire family gathers and spends time together. As the focal point of your home, your living room window treatment choices are important.

Unlike other rooms in the home where you need to consider the effects of dampness, steam or grease on your window coverings, in a living space, your choice need only be impacted by your specific needs and how your family uses the room.

When choosing living room blinds, consider:

  • Do you get a lot of direct sunlight or glare in your living room? Consider a shade that softens this glare and offers UV damage protection.
  • Do your living room windows look directly out onto a public space, sidewalk or busy road? Choose a blind that will provide privacy.
  • How do you use the room? If you enjoy regular family movie nights, choose coverings that darken the room when required.
  • If you love to entertain family and friends, something stylish that gives a welcoming wow factor to the room could be the answer.
  • Does your room already have a particular style that you need to compliment? Window coverings can blend in or stand out – it’s up to you.

Whether your requirements are focused on the practical or the aesthetic, or if you want something that looks good and is functional too, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Comparing Living Room Blinds – Which Style is Right for You?

While most window treatments will work well in living rooms, some styles have unique benefits that may suit your needs best. Compare the following living room blind options:

Cellular shades: These honeycomb shades have a neat, classic finish and offer gentle light diffusion, which looks clean and modern. One significant benefit is their energy efficiency and ability to help regulate room temperature.

Sheer shades: Sheer window shades combine the versatility of horizontal blinds with the light softening and UV protection of a sheer shade. The result is a beautiful, luminescent window covering that compliments most décor.

Designer banded shades: If you like the simplicity of a roller blind but want more privacy and light control, designer banded shades are a great choice. Alternating opaque and translucent stripes can be lined up or overlapped to create your desired level of view-through. 

Dual roller shades: Roller shades are a popular choice in living rooms, thanks to the abundance of fabric choices. Dual roller shades offer the added benefit of room darkening and night-time privacy with the addition of a layer of light-blocking fabric. Ideal when flexibility in light control is important.

Vertical blinds: Vertical shades such as the Hunter Douglas Luminette are a great solution for living rooms with large floor-to-ceiling windows or glass doors. Not only does the vertical operation allow for easy door access, but the vanes can be adjusted for optimum privacy.

The Best Living Room Blinds for Privacy

The living room is where we spend our downtime, so the last thing we want to worry about is people seeing in. Privacy is one of the top requirements for living room window treatments, and you don’t have to sacrifice style or light to achieve the privacy you desire.

To increase privacy in your living room, consider these options:

  • Venetian blinds: Whether wood, faux wood or metal, the horizontal slats offer ultimate control over privacy while still allowing light to enter your room. Tilt the vanes into your desired position to block the view from outside but still direct light where you need it. Some smart operating systems can be programmed to remember your preferred vane position. 
  • Roman and roller blinds: Both offer maximum privacy but block views to the outside when fully lowered. Various fabric opacities allow for natural light diffusion and filtering.
  • Sheer and designer banded shades: Both these styles allow for optimum control over levels of privacy while retaining light in the room.

The Best Living Room Window Coverings for Style

Regardless of your practical needs, everyone wants living room window coverings that look amazing too. For maximum style, consider these best living room window coverings:

  • Roman Shades: Roman blinds are one of the more decorative and luxurious styles of living room blinds. With fabrics ranging from rich, deep colours and eye-catching patterns to more modern and neutral versions, the Roman shade will always look good whatever your décor style. Ideal when you want to add warmth and class to your living room.
  • Sheer shades and drapes: The Hunter Douglas Silhouette blinds are perfect for light filtering with a touch of sophistication—a soft, modern alternative to drapes with the added benefit of continuous privacy. 
  • Curtains/drapes: Whether used alone or combined with blinds, curtains are the ultimate luxurious finishing touch for your living room. Whether you want them to close or just be a decorative side panel, a curtain can add a focal point, frame a view and add warmth to any living room. 

Need more inspiration? Check out this Ideal Home article on ‘super stylish ways to dress your living room windows.’

Invest in Function and Style for Your Living Room Blinds

Ultimately, the best living room blind for you will be the one that meets your specific needs, whether they are more practical or decorative. Remember, this is a room you spend a lot of time in. It’s worth investing in window coverings that add function and style you can enjoy for years.

Custom Made and Fitted Living Room Blinds from Ruffell and Brown 

Ruffell and Brown are your Victoria, BC, living room window treatment specialist. With so many options to choose from, our expert team can guide you toward the best choices for your home. 

To get started on your living room transformation, stop by our Bridge Street showroom or contact us for a free estimate today.


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