Dual Roller Shades: The Best of Both Worlds

Dual gray roller shades in a hallway with a rug.

Why Dual Roller Shades are a Good Choice for Any Room

Dual Roller Shades are a good choice if you’re looking for window coverings that offer light filtering during the day and privacy at night.

When deciding how to dress your windows, you shouldn’t have to choose between light or privacy, but this can be the case with some blinds.

The problem is that one fabric window covering can’t work for all purposes and situations. For example:

  • Sheer shades that keep out the harsh sun in the day become see-through as soon as an internal light is turned on at night
  • Black-out blinds may keep you asleep all night, but when you open them in the morning, the neighbours can see right into your bedroom

It’s not surprising many people are choosing to switch to dual roller shades, which offer the best of both worlds in one shade.

Read on for more about how dual roller shades work, why they are a good choice for any room and some of the options you can choose from.

What is a Dual Roller Shade and How do they Work?

Dual Roller Shades are like two blinds in one. 

They feature two roller shades made of different fabrics, one positioned in front of the other on the same headrail.  Each shade is operated independently from the other, with its own controls. They work like regular roller blinds – each can be lowered or raised to your desired position. Use them with just one shade lowered, both lowered or both raised.

The thing that makes dual roller shades unique is that each shade is made from different opacity of fabric, so the back layer of material can be light-blocking or blackout, while the front can be light filtering or decorative.

Because of this variation in fabric, you can easily switch between different levels of light control and privacy as the day progresses. This makes them ideal for most rooms in the house, but especially:

  • Bedrooms
  • Nurseries
  • Offices
  • Living rooms
  • Movie rooms

Dual roller shades are more than just functional, though. By choosing a fabric colour, texture or design that compliments your room décor, they can be an attractive focal point too.

What are the Benefits of Dual Roller Shades?

Real Light Control

The fabric for both shades can be chosen as anything from lightly filtering to room darkening.

Choosing a more translucent fabric for your front layer provides some sun filtering and privacy during the day but allows you to still be able to see outside, so you don’t feel cut off from the world.

By using a room darkening shade as the back layer, you can effectively block out light at night time, which is particularly useful in bedrooms or if you want to watch a movie.

Lower the decorative front layer down, and you still get the aesthetic benefits of your window covering.

Blocks UV Damage

Choose a sheer or solar shade as your top layer to block out damaging UV rays. Sustained exposure to UV rays through a window can lead to damage and fading of furniture and wooden floors.

Installing UV-blocking window coverings like sheer shades is considered one of the top 5 ways to protect your home from sun damage. 

Privacy All Day and Night 

Balancing the benefits of natural light with the desire for privacy can be difficult, but that’s where dual roller blinds excel in functionality. During the day, a sheer or textured front shade will allow gentle light into the room but block any view into your home from the outside.

At night time, when you turn internal lights on, simply draw the back shade – which can be light-blocking – for complete privacy.

Attractive and Decorative

Dual roller blinds are available in a huge range of stylish fabrics. Whether you prefer something modern and minimal, want a natural textured finish, or like a bold pattern, there’s something for every taste.

The roller mechanisms sit within one casing that can be fitted within the window frame for a sleek and non-obtrusive finish. This also makes it easy to add curtains or drapes for additional decoration.

More Cost-Effective 

Thanks to their simple design, roller shades can be more cost-effective than other window covering options. Of course, it depends on the fabrics and finishes chosen, so it’s best to discuss your options with the expert team at Ruffell and Brown

Easy To Control 

Dual roller blinds are easy to control with simple and safe cord-free wands. Each layer of shade has its own wand, so they can be controlled independently.

There are also motorized control options that allow you to control both layers with the touch of a remote control button. You can also link controls to your home smart hub and control the blinds by voice control – ideal for those with mobility issues.

The Options are Endless with Dual Roller Shades

With the huge range of fabrics available for dual roller shades, you can choose colours, patterns and textures that complement your current décor or something that stands out and catches the eye. Natural fabrics such as woven textures are also available that give a more relaxed finish.

Keep the colour of your front panel neutral for a modern, unobtrusive look, or combine your roller blinds with curtains for a practical but cozy finish.

Suitable for most window sizes, the options are almost endless.

Ensure a Perfect Fit with Custom Dual Roller Shades from Ruffell and Brown

When you are looking for a window covering which is functional and attractive, consider custom dual roller blinds from Ruffell and Brown. Our window covering design experts will help you identify the fabrics that will bring the most benefit to your lifestyle and complement the style of your home.

Visit our showroom in Victoria, BC, to see examples of the many fabric options we offer for dual roller shades. Don’t forget to check out our other window covering options, such as draperies that pair well with roller blinds.

Drop in or contact us today to find out more.


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