Energy Efficient Window Coverings

Energy efficient window treatments.

Energy Saving, Modern Window Blinds and Coverings

Heat Pumps, smart thermostats, awnings and patio covers all go a long way towards improving the energy efficiency of your home.  But did you know that the right window treatments are just as beneficial for reducing excess energy consumption?

Up to 25% of a home’s heat is lost through uncovered windows, and 40% of heat enters through the windows. With the right window coverings, you can easily retain cool or warm air, cut down on the use of heaters and air conditioning and reduce overall energy consumption. Investing in custom window treatments for your home will go a long way towards your comfort and long-term energy savings.

Whether you’re looking to beat the summer heat or keep your chilly office space warm in the winter, there are a wide array of custom, versatile window coverings suitable for every room in your home, from room-darkening shades in the baby’s room to sheer drapes in the dining room.

Though dramatically different in how they frame your windows and add style to your home, the variety of window coverings from Ruffell and Brown all greatly help with climate control while adding a touch of luxury that can only come with the world’s best-selling window fashions.

What are the Best Energy Efficient Window Treatments?

Our wide variety of blinds, draperies, shades and shutters are custom designed to suit any space in your home while reducing energy output and your home’s carbon footprint.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

The innovative honeycomb design of these shades traps air for maximum energy efficiency. Available in single or double honeycomb design, choose from a wide selection of colours, patterns and fabrics ranging from sheer to dark. Cellular shades blend into your home’s design beautifully while working hard to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Venetian Blinds

energy efficient blinds - metal venetian blinds

Metal/Aluminum Venetian Blinds

Metal venetian blinds continue to be a standby for homeowners looking to add light and temperature control to their homes. However, the newer products are nothing like the older, corded styles offered primarily in white and beige. Todays metal blinds are sophisticated and designed in an array of dimensions, slat sizes and colours. Cordless and offered in everything from matte to pearlescent shades, metal venetian blinds are timeless and durable.

Wood Venetian Blinds

Adding a warm look to any home while complementing wood furniture, wood venetian blinds insulate even better than aluminum blinds since they do not transmit heat at all. Made of the highest quality wood with slats that close tightly to block out heat and sunlight, these blinds are light, durable and can even be made with cloth tapes customized to match the room’s décor.

Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Our faux wood blinds are low maintenance and can withstand exposure to bright sunlight and moisture, without fading or warping. Available in wood stain colours or a wide selection of painted finishes, faux wood blinds are ideal for bathrooms and other heavily lit windows, such as those in sunrooms.

Top-Down Bottom-Up Shades

Truly versatile, top-down bottom-up shades add a softer look to your windows while making it easy to filter or block sunlight from any angle. With a variety of woven and non-woven fabric options, colours, patterns and backings, pleated top-down bottom-up shades let you completely customize privacy and light exposure. For optimum energy efficiency and insulation, we recommend our metallized fabrics, or white sheers to block solar heat.

Skylift Skylight System

A major source of natural light in the home, skylights can sometimes let in too much heat. Combat this problem with custom Duette and Applause shades made for larger, hard-to-reach windows in your home and sunroom. Integrated with motorization, you can easily filter harsh sunlight in the summer and retain heat in the winter.


energy efficient window treatments - draperiesDraperies help to insulate against heat and cold equally. When layered with blinds, shades or sheers, they can also create a customized solution for maximizing energy efficiency and privacy any time of year. Simply open your drapes to let warmth and sunlight in during the summer or close them to retain heat during the winter. Draperies add softness and style to any room and at Ruffell and Brown, we offer the widest range of drapery products in Western Canada.


A versatile insulator, shutters are a conversation piece and add an international flair to any space. Made to measure for any window or door, our shutters are custom made from top quality materials including wood, faux wood, composite and vinyl. They can even be customized in an exact shade of paint or stain to match flooring or any other aspect of your home’s décor.

Motorized Window Treatments

The majority of our window treatments can be motorized and integrated with any home automation system, putting you in total control of when and how your window coverings adjust. Whether by the time of day, the angle of the sun, or to bolster security by using a smartphone app while you’re away from home, automated blinds, draperies, shades and shutters make it that much easier to increase energy efficiency. Raise, lower and tilt blinds and shades at the touch of a button.

Beyond Window Coverings

To ensure your windows and window coverings are at peak efficiency, it’s important to check and regularly maintain the seals around windows to guard against leaks and drafts. Properly sealed window frames will prevent hot and cold air from entering and escaping. You’ll also want to check any heating and cooling or forced air ducts throughout the home and seal where needed to prevent warm/cold air loss.


No matter your energy-saving needs, our designers can help create the perfect custom window treatments for you. Our collection of top brands and thousands of fabrics, textures and colours will add polish and valuable energy savings to your home. For windows that are designed to do so much more than simply cover your windows, visit our showroom in Victoria, BC, or contact us for a free shop-at-home appointment.

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