How to make the most out of a small bedroom

If you have a small bedroom, it can often feel as if there is nothing you can do with the limited space you have. Even if you don't have a ton of room available to decorate with, that doesn't mean the process itself can't be fun. In fact, it will make every decision you make that much more important, because each item that you bring into your bedroom will be prominent in such an intimate setting.

One of the most important things you can do with a small bedroom is not make the space feel any more constricted than it already is. For example, when it comes to covering your windows, you will want to opt for custom drapes or blinds that aren't made of a thick material, but rather are relatively light. Overbearing custom window coverings will make the bedroom feel even more claustrophobic.

You will also want to keep pieces of furniture at a minimum to maximize floor space that you can use to move around. You will, of course, need your bed and nightstands, as well as a dresser for your clothing. But other than that, you should be very judicious with how you use fill the room — if something is not completely necessary, than you should think twice about including it at all.

Having enough storage space will also be important in a small bedroom. As best as you can, try and keep your items stored in closets and other rooms of the house. Anything that can be safely stored outside of your bedroom should be kept out, so you have room only for what is really important.

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