Welcome to the Resource and Learning Centre

The Resource and Learning Centre is the source for information related to your investment in window coverings for your business and home. The useful guides address issues as important as child safety to product care as well as energy efficiency.


Child Safety Guide
At Ruffell & Brown, we care about your family’s well-being. Ensuring your buying experience is not only enjoyable but informative, especially when it comes to blind cord safety, is paramountly important to us. Be sure to talk to our window covering specialists about any concerns regarding the products you choose. Child Safety Guide (click here)




Care and Cleaning Guide
Clean using a dry and soft feather duster, clean cloth, dust cloth or dusting mitt. A vacuum with the soft brush attachment can also be used. To ensure your investment in your window coverings look their best and last for many years, regular cleaning is recommended. Care and Cleaning Guide (click here)





Energy Efficiency Guide
Regardless of width, all wood blinds provide energy efficiency. Wood is a natural insulator, creating an insulating barrier between the room and the window. This means that wood blinds help save energy and lower cooling and heating costs. Energy Efficiency Guide (click here)