Mastering Mudroom Storage: A Step-by-Step Guide to a Pristine Entrance

mudroom storage

Mudroom Storage Ideas and Solutions

Today’s entryways have evolved into one of the most functional spaces in a home. Well-designed mudrooms have successfully transformed the high-volume dumping grounds of the past into beautiful and usable spaces that can help keep a household organized.

Mudroom storage ideas exist for every shape and size of entryway. Ruffell & Brown’s custom-made mudroom storage solutions optimize any space to meet its full potential.

A well-organized mudroom goes beyond storing piles of shoes and jackets. It can increase your home’s value. Homes and Gardens lists storage as one of the top features that catches a buyer’s attention in a real estate listing.

How Does Mudroom Storage Declutter Your Home?

For busy parents, an organized entryway not only declutters your home but, according to Psychology Today, can also help declutter your mind. When a household’s shoes, jackets, backpacks, and sporting equipment are all stored in dedicated places, the morning and after-school transitions can happen much more efficiently.

These ten storage ideas will help you revamp your cluttered entryway and keep you organized even at your busiest times:

  • Storage, Stowaway or Entryway Benches
  • Baskets
  • Storage Under-the-Stairs
  • Shelves
  • Cabinets
  • Console Tables
  • Shoe Racks
  • Custom Closets
  • Built-ins
  • Hooks

Whether you want to avoid tripping on piles of shoes at the door or looking for a space to quickly tuck away unexpected packages waiting on your front step, custom entryway storage can meet your needs.

The Ins & Outs Of Storage Benches

Adding a mudroom storage bench is one of the simplest ways to organize your hallway and transform an entryway into a welcoming space. When choosing a bench for your mudroom, there are several options, such as deciding whether you prefer a bench with jacket and umbrella hooks, one that opens and closes or a bench with storage underneath.

Stowaway benches come in all shapes and sizes. In addition to providing the ideal place to sit and take off shoes, an entryway bench is often where a household organizes their mail, hangs up coats, and stores keys and sunglasses.

Mudroom shoe storage is a key design feature in an entryway bench. Whether you choose a country-style bench, outdoor bench or window-seat bench, a model that allows you to tuck away your footwear is highly desirable.

Are you looking to build a bench for your mudroom? Look no further than Ruffell & Brown.

Maximize Your Mudroom With Storage Cabinets

With the right mudroom storage cabinets, your foyer can become the most useful room in your home. Here are some ideas to increase the function of your entryway without compromising on style.

Hidden Storage – Cabinets with doors and drawers are perfect for hiding away cleaning and gardening supplies

Easy Access Storage – Open shelving and cubbies allow quick access to bike helmets, purses and outdoor equipment

Key Holder – A dedicated space to stow your keys will save you the frustration of hunting them down every time you want to leave the house

Custom Coat Closet – An assortment of hooks, racks and shelves will provide the broadest range of closet storage solutions

When looking to optimize your storage needs, consider the many benefits of installing professionally measured custom cabinets.

Practical Mudroom Storage—What Works and What Doesn’t

If you’re tired of your entryway being treated as a dumping zone, this tried-and-true list will help you prioritize which mudroom storage solutions you should consider.

Five considerations for designing an entryway:

  • Maximize Vertical Space – If you have a space with tall ceilings, maximize the storage potential and tuck away all of your out-of-season accessories and sporting goods
  • Make A Plan – Building a new home? Without a plan, your space will probably not meet its full potential. Consider the location of nearby power outlets, windows, vents, and electrical panels. These details are essential to maximizing your space.
  • Consider a Charging Station – Hide away your electronic devices and the messy tangle of charging cords that go with them in one dedicated spot for charging.
  • Add a Notification Board – What better place to post last-minute schedule reminders or changes than your foyer?
  • Create a Pet Centre – Mudrooms are ideal for stowing pet leashes and dog toys. Custom cabinets help create cozy nooks for dog beds and discrete pet food storage.

There are four areas where people often go wrong when it comes to storage:

  • Purchase Pre-Fabricated Cabinets – While cheaper initially, in the long run, pre-fabricated cabinets come in predetermined sizes that use lower quality materials and are unlikely to meet your needs or maximize your space, eventually having you buy additional products or redoing the entire project altogether.
  • Forget to Protect Walls – Save your walls from backpacks, dirty clothes, muddy coats and sporting goods that might be carelessly tossed after a day at school or work. Back panels are a great choice to protect the walls of your entryway from holes and scuffs.
  • Ignore Door Placement – Does your door swing inward? If so, it’s crucial to ensure your new cabinet’s drawers don’t hit the door when it opens. Careful consideration of space and doors will keep your entryway functional. The underutilized space behind inswing doors is perfect for a hookboard to hang dog leashes, scarves, hats or lanyards.
  • Space Limitations – Do you have an older home or a home with no entryway? No problem. Ruffell and Brown can create a mudroom in your garage or alternate space.

With showrooms in Victoria, Nanaimo and Sidney, British Columbia, Ruffell & Brown Window Covering Centre has happily serviced Vancouver Island since 1987.

Let our team of expert interior designers and professional installers design a mudroom that will keep your entryway tidy and inviting. Contact us today for a quote.

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