A Unique, Contemporary Vertical Shade Available With an Exclusive Fabric Collection

If you’re looking for a sleek and contemporary option for tall or wide windows, consider Alustra Skyline gliding window panels.

These sophisticated and elegant window coverings have the same patented gliding track operation as Hunter Douglas skyline gliding window panels but are available with the Alustra collection’s uniquely curated collection of globally-inspired fabrics.

Skyline gliding window panels are a modern, stylish alternative to vertical blinds and are ideal for tall or wide expanses of glass. They can also be used within the interior of a room as a flexible and attractive room divider.

The panels on Hunter Douglas Skyline are available in 11.5-inch and 17-inch widths. The unique panel hanging system allows the panels to stack neatly and unobtrusively when open, providing maximum light and views.

The Alustra collection exclusively combines Skyline gliding panels with unique fabrics and metal accents for added style and dimension. The specially selected fabrics are available in a variety of natural colours and opacities, from dark light-blocking options to sheer and light-filtering. 

Enhance Your Home With Alustra Skyline Gliding Window Panels

  • Consider additional top treatment options, such as a metal or fabric valance, to complete the look.
  • All window coverings in the Alustra collection are available with the same fabric choices, allowing you to create a cohesive look throughout the entire space.

Alustra Skyline Gliding Panel Operating Options

Skyline gliding panels are available with manual or automated operating systems:

  • Manual control is via a hand-held wand which is simply pushed or pulled to move the panels along the track. Choose from a single wand on your chosen side or a double wand system that allows the panels to be parted from the centre, ideal for French-style doors.
  • Automated operation with PowerView motorization allows for hands-off and remote opening via a remote control or smart device app.

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