The nuts and bolts

Window treatments require drapery hardware in order to be mounted properly. The hardware can be decorative and enhance the beauty of the treatment, or it can be strictly functional and concealed behind the window treatment, under a valance, or even recessed into a pocket in the ceiling. We offer a wide variety of window treatment hardware and accessories such as curtain rings, finials (the decorative attachments for the ends of curtain rods), ornamental brackets, swag and tieback holders, along with standard window treatment hardware. These items are available in various materials and finishes such as metal, wrought iron, cast iron, wood and composite materials. We also offer conventional traverse rods which are ideal for hanging pleated draperies and sheers. Our designers are here to help you decide what hardware is most suitable for your draperies and your decor. If you have a specialty window such as bay, arch or angle, we can provide custom-shaped rods for these more challenging areas. There is a variety of specialty hardware available such as café rods, Dauphine (wide pocket) rods and cable wire systems available in a variety of styles so the possibilities are endless!

Here are some things to consider when choosing hardware for your window treatments:

  1. The weight of the fabric. Not all drapery or curtain rods can support the weight of heavy fabrics. For example, for interlined or blackout lined drapes you will need a more sturdy rod so it can support the weight of a heavy treatment without bending or coming loose from the wall or ceiling.
  2. The style of the drapery or curtain. There’s such a wide range of rods & rails to choose from there is something to suit every type of drapery.
  3. The style of the room. Each type of drapery rod will add a different look to the drapery when it is installed. For traditional homes we carry a variety of wood & metal poles and finials. For a contemporary look, a clear acrylic rod may be best, or a ceiling-mounted track for a minimalist look.
  4. The location of the window. Typically we install drapery hardware into the wall or the ceiling depending on the window location. The mounting conditions may influence the  decision as to the best type of rod.

Being one of the largest volume window covering retailers in Western Canada, we are able to offer our customers the widest range of products at competitive prices for every budget. We are proud to partner with the following companies:

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