Raised or lowered, custom shades will add beauty to your windows

Roman Shades are as versatile in use as they are in style. They can be raised and lowered to provide privacy, block light and conserve energy. Find inspiration with the prints, textures and patterns of our extensive collection of fabrics to create the perfect look. Roman shades allow you to add volume and soft folds of exquisite fabrics to your room. Depending on the style, you can create a look that’s clean and chic, or add graceful dimension with richly folded waterfalls of fabric. You can add optional details to the shade such as interlining, blackout lining, decorative trimmings and edge accents for a truly custom look and feel.

Roman Shades are a lovely way to bring color and great window design to a room. If you can imagine it, our designers will work with you to create the look of your dreams!

These shades are available with a variety of options. You can add a cordless lift system for a clean look and the ultimate in child and pet safety. There is also the popular Top-Down Bottom-Up option which allows you to lower the fabric from the top of the window, creating privacy at the bottom of the window while maintaining a clear outlook above.

There are several styles of Roman shades available and each create a different look and feel. Our experts can help you decide which shade style suits your needs and complements your décor. Here are some of the popular styles:

  1. The Classic or Flat Roman shade. This style features gentle folds when raised and lies flat when lowered which works well for patterned fabric when we do not want a stitch or fold to interrupt the pattern.
  2. The Hobbled Roman shade. This style features gentle folds when raised and maintains the folded appearance when lowered which adds dimension to the window. It is best suited to plain or small scale patterned fabrics as a large pattern will be interrupted by the folds. It also works well for blackout-lined shades as the stitch lines are concealed behind the folds of the fabric providing superior light control.
  3. The Relaxed Roman shade. This style gives the impression of a little “smile” when lowered as the center hangs farther down than the edges creating a gentle curve at the bottom of the shade.
  4. The Knife Pleat or Batten Back Roman shade. This style offers more texture when lowered compared to the Flat style due to the horizontal lines that are created where the battens are sewn into the fabric at regular intervals. The battens add structure to the shade and help the fabric collapse into even folds when the shade is raised.

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