Simple Yet Sophisticated Blinds for Every Room

Designer Roller Shades are a timeless option for any home. With a simple, neat and clean appearance, they can complement any style of décor from modern to traditional.

Made with one continuous piece of material that is wound around a top roller, these shades are unobtrusive and easy to operate.

Why Choose Designer Roller Shades?

With a huge range of fabric options to choose from, Designer Roller Shades can be coordinated with every room in your home. Their sleek design fits neatly inside the window or door frame, meaning they can look as good when used alone as they do when paired with other window coverings such as drapes.

Designer Roller Shades are perfect for smaller rooms, which could feel cluttered with curtains or more decorative blinds. They are also ideal for professional spaces or rooms where additional light control or privacy is desired.

For those seeking more flexible light control, the DuoLite option allows for two different materials to be used on one shade mechanism. Choose whether you wish to lower the sheer panel to let in some light or the blackout panel for complete light control.

Benefits of Installing Designer Roller Shades Include:

  • Light Control: With fabrics ranging from sheer to room darkening and everything in between, designer roller shades can be customized for your personal light and privacy needs. Sheer fabrics allow for some natural light to enter, while more opaque materials provide greater privacy. 
  • UV protection: The sun’s rays can cause damage and fading to furniture and flooring over time. A simple, classic roller blind will help to reduce this UV damage while also providing privacy and light control.
  • Energy saving: Installing roller shades can reduce your energy bills by decreasing the amount of heat entering the home during the summer and insulating it during the winter.

Designer Roller Shade Operating Systems

There is a range of operating systems that work with Designer Roller Shades from the simplest cordless hand controls to fully automated smart systems. Compatible operating systems include:

  • A cordless lift and lower system with built-in spring assist allows for lifting and lowering of the shade with one hand.
  • The UltraGlide system uses a retractable cord that remains the same length when lifting and lowering.
  • LiteRise allows you to simply pull down and push up the shade with one finger.
  • With the SoftTouch motorized system a simple push or pull on a wand will activate the shade.
  • The PowerView automated system allows fully remote operation of the blind via an app on your smart device or the Pebble remote control.

Designer Roller Shades are one of the most versatile window covering options available, thanks to the range of fabric options and operating systems they offer. Whether you’re looking for total privacy in your bathrooms or some light control without completely blocking your view, there is a roller shade option to suit you.

Choose a colour that blends seamlessly with your existing decor, or choose a bold pattern and colour that adds a pop of interest. The choice is yours with Designer Roller Blinds.

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