Soft, Sculptural Window Coverings That Control Light And Privacy In An Elegantly Dramatic Way

Hunter Douglas Pirouette Blinds are a unique blend of soft, elegantly contoured fabric with a revolutionary design that fits any modern setting.

Pirouette window shades feature flexible horizontal fabric vanes suspended across a sheer light-diffusing backing panel.

Rather than tilting to open like a regular horizontal blind, the vanes in Pirouette shades are held in place by the revolutionary Invisi-Lift system. At the same time, they fold gently upon themselves to open. The striking result is blinds that present as soft folds when open and flat panels when closed.

The sheer backing on Hunter Douglas Pirouette blinds holds the vanes gracefully in place and provides light filtering, privacy and UV protection.

If you are looking for a window covering that will bring a striking, modern finish to your room yet have the elegance of a soft fabric shade, Hunter Douglas Pirouette is a good choice.

Why Pirouette Window Shades Make a Good Choice

Hunter Douglas Pirouette blinds don’t just look stunning. They make an excellent choice for several reasons:

Light Filtering –Light levels can be controlled by fully or partially opening the vanes. For room darkening, fully flatten the vanes. Sheer fabric choice can also impact the level of light filtering experienced.

Privacy – Privacy is possible with these sheer-backed shades, even when the vanes are open. Enhance your privacy even further with the addition of Clear View sheers that obscure the outside view while offering superior view-through.

UV Protection – Pirouette shades can protect your flooring and furniture from damaging UV rays while allowing filtered sunlight into your home.

Coordinated Look – For complimentary coverings across all the windows in your home, you can match Pirouette shades with Hunter Douglas Luminette vertical blinds. 

Beautiful Fabric Selection – There are over 90 fabric choices featuring natural and neutral colours and textures. Pirouette shades are also available in exclusive Allustra collection fabrics that integrate metallic finishes.

A Beautiful Window Covering Option for Any Room or Window Shape

Pirouette shades are an exquisitely elegant alternative to horizontal blinds that add a touch of modern class to any room. The simple but stunning style of Hunter Douglas Pirouette complements any style of décor from contemporary to traditional. It can blend in or be the eye-catching centrepiece of the room.

Pirouette shades are suitable for a range of window shapes, including:

  • Arches
  • Angles
  • Trapezoid
  • Hexagonal
  • Circles / Ovals
  • Bay / Corner
  • Patio / French doors

Use wherever you want to combine sheer light diffusion with an outstanding style.

Easy to Use with These Operating Systems

Hunter Douglas Pirouette blinds come with the option of three easy operating systems:

UltraGlide: Features a retractable wand that remains a constant length when raising and lowering your window. Simply pull the wand out and away from the window lower or raise the blind.

SoftTouch: This motorized wand makes opening and closing this blind a breeze. Simply pull or push on the wand once and the motor will lift or lower the blind to your desired position.

PowerView: You can enjoy hands-off opening and closing and programming via remote operation through your smart device or the Pebble remote control. 

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