Enjoy the Luxury of Controlled Light and Privacy Combined

Silhouette window coverings by Hunter Douglas bring a new meaning to luxury as they combine the ability to control and direct light with the added benefit of privacy. With Silhouette window treatments, you can take in the scenery with superior view-through while remaining confident the outside world can’t see in.

Silhouette window shadings feature unique S-shaped horizontal vanes, suspended between two sheets of sheer fabric. The vanes can be tilted to varying angles to control the amount of light entering the room. The sheer fabric maintains a degree of privacy and UV protection even when the vanes are fully open.

Silhouette Window Covering Options To Suit Your Needs

Silhouette window shadings are available in a few different styles:

Silhouette Halo features double S vanes which allow you to redirect incoming sunlight to exactly where you need it. The ultimate in light control.

Silhouette Clearview is designed to maximize the view-through experience by combining sheer fabrics and vanes together.

Silhouette Duolite combines the light-diffusing properties of a standard Silhouette shade with a room-darkening roller shade. Installed behind the Silhouette shade, the roller blind is built into the same headrail.

Silhouette window treatments will add a touch of class to any room. Their soft, uniform look suits modern homes with clean lines, but is also simple enough to complement more traditional décor.

A specially selected range of sheer materials is on offer for these window coverings, with flattering, unobtrusive colour options and light textures.

Benefits of Silhouette Window Shadings 

The ethereal beauty and unique design of Silhouette window shades offer many benefits such as:

Light Filtering: The sheer fabric layers gently filter even the brightest summer sunlight, enhancing natural light while eliminating harsh glare.

UV Protection: Depending on your chosen fabric, Silhouette shadings can filter up to 88% of UV rays when the vanes are open and up to 99% when fully closed, helping to protect your home and furniture from fading and damage.

Increased View-Through: If you enjoy seeing what is going on outside, but don’t want the outside world to see in, Silhouette shades are the answer. The sheer fabrics give increased visibility from inside, but present as an almost opaque white blind to anyone looking at the home from outside.

Operating Systems for Silhouette Window Coverings 

It is simple to operate the Silhouette window shades, whether you prefer to do so by hand or with a motorized system. Options include:

UltraGlide – A child and pet-safe single retractable cord that opens and closes the blind when it is pulled.

Cordless LightRise System – The window coverings are easily lowered, lifted and tilted with a single hand.

SoftTouch – This system features a wand which is pulled on to close the blind, pushed to open it and twisted to turn the vanes.

PowerView – This fully motorized operating system is controlled by an app on your smart device or via the Hunter Douglas Pebble remote. Allows for operation even when you are away from home.

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