Alustra Vignette Roman Shades Combine Refined Organic Luxury with Ultimate Functionality

Unique, textured fabrics from around the world give a natural feel to Alustra Woven Textures Roman Blinds. 

The combination of natural fibres provides a soft light-filtering effect that makes any room feel peaceful and elegant.

Alustra Vignette is part of the Alustra Woven Textures line. These blinds and shades present a clean, fresh and fashion-forward look that is highly functional and can be personalized for your light and privacy preferences.

Why Choose Hunter Douglas Alustra Vignette Roman Shades?

Incomparable natural fabric selection: Choose from unique globally sourced fabrics available in a range of natural and neutral colours and textures. Materials vary from sheer to semi-sheer to semi-opaque, allowing you to choose your desired level of light filtering.

Light control options: For those who want more flexible light control, an independently operated liner can be added that can be used in conjunction with or separately from the roman blind. These liners can provide room darkening for use in bedrooms, family rooms, or anywhere else where privacy is paramount. The liner is mounted within the same headrail as the blind, keeping the finish smart and elegant.

Wide window solutions: Alustra woven window shades are a good option for more expansive windows or glass walls, as two blinds can be mounted on one wider headrail. The overall finish is neat and attractive, enabling each blind to be controlled separately.

Finishing options: There are multiple options for top and bottom finishes with Alustra Roman Blinds, including matching valances, cornice boards, and fabric or ribbon bottom trimmings.

Alustra Vignette: The Beauty of a Roman Blind with a Natural Look

Like all modern roman blinds, Alustra woven textures roman blinds feature soft fabric folds that stack neatly and evenly as the material is raised for a classic and elegant look.

Roman blinds complement traditional and modern décor styles as they offer a timeless window covering option.

The variety of fabrics in the woven textures selection offers a simple, natural look when the shades are fully drawn, filtering the natural light for a soft finish.

Operating Systems for Alustra Woven Textures Roman Blinds

Alustra Woven Textures Roman Blinds are simple to operate with one of these control options:

LiteRise – With this option, push or pull on the bottom rail of the blind to move it into the desired position. 

UltraGlide – This system uses a retractable, child-safe cord positioned on one side of the blind to control movement. The wand stays a consistent, short length to avoid any risks.

PowerView – With this fully motorized operating system, you can control your roman blind via an app on your smart device or the Hunter Douglas Pebble remote. This option allows for daily programming, even when you are away from home.

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