NewStyle Hybrid Shutters

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The Timeless Look of Wooden Plantation-Style Shutters with Modern Durability and Functionality

Hunter Douglas NewStyle Hybrid Shutters offer the look and natural charm of real wood shutters combined with the durability and practicality of modern composite material. The unique composite construction of these hybrid shutters means they look and feel just like natural wood but with the added durability and easy-to-clean finish of polypropylene.

One advantage of the NewStyle hybrid shutters is the ability to choose from multiple operating systems that complement and accentuate the window.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, classic, yet clean look for your window coverings, Hunter Douglas NewStyle Shutters should be on your list.

Benefits and Features of Hunter Douglas NewStyle Hybrid Shutters

Quality craftsmanship: Like custom wood products, these shutters are made with the finest details, such as dovetail joints.

Durability: NewStyle Shutters are finished with a patented FineTech coating that repels dust and stains, keeping the shutters looking new and easy to clean.

Wood grain finish: The Hunter Douglas Ultra Grain finish, which mimics real wood’s natural grain pattern and texture, is an optional enhancement.

Choice of louvre size: Louvres are available in 2.5, 3.5 and 4.5-inch widths. Wider louvres let in more light and allow greater view-through.

UV control: The composite structure of NewStyle shutters means they will not fade or warp due to constant exposure to UV rays. When closed, the shutters protect floors and furniture from these potentially damaging rays.

Resistant to moisture: Unlike natural wood shutters, NewStyle shutters resist moisture damage. They won’t warp or swell even in damp rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

Suitable for doors and unusually shaped windows: Plantation-style shutters work for most shapes of window and door, including:

  • Arches
  • Angles
  • Hexagons
  • Circles and ovals
  • Bay and Corner
  • Patio and sliding doors
  • French doors
  • Sidelights

Operating Systems and Opening Options

Hunter Douglas NewStyle Hybrid Shutters offer a variety of operating systems to suit your requirements, with options for both the louvre and panel operation. 

Louvre Operation

  • Front Tilt – Located on the front of the louvres, simply pushing this bar up or down will open and close the louvres to your desired position.
  • Hidden Tilt – The tilt mechanism is hidden for unobstructed views. Louvres can be controlled by simply holding and moving one louvre – the rest will follow.
  • Soft Close – An optional addition, the SoftClose system works like high-end cabinet doors by gently closing after reaching a pre-set angle.
  • Quick Align – Allows louvres to pause at 5 pre-set positions, making it easy to ensure each panel is set to the same angle.

Panel Operation

  • Hinged Panel – Shutter panels are simply hinged to the frame or window opening and can be pulled open inwards to allow access to the window.
  • Sliding Shutter – Shutter panels open by sliding past each other on tracks. The shutters can remain open even when overlapping, which is ideal for sliding glass doors.
  • Bi-fold Track – Shutter panels are hinged to each other in an accordion style so they can be folded back upon themselves, perfect for bigger windows or walls of glass.

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