Pleated Shades

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Add softness and texture with pleated shades

Pleated shades feature premium fabrics in stunning patterns and natural textures. They are made from woven and non-woven fabrics that are pleated or folded horizontally in an accordion style. The fabric adds softness to your room and the pleats add texture and dimension which makes pleated shades an elegant complement to your windows. Choose from contemporary, casual or traditional patterns. The fabric textures range from subtle solid weaves to metallized fabrics that block the sun’s rays and provide energy-efficient insulation.

Special backings are available to increase privacy or block out the sun making lightweight fabric more energy efficient. The fabric themselves range in the amount of privacy and light control they provide. Sheer fabrics allow the most sunlight to filter through and provide the least amount of privacy. Light filtering fabrics block some sunlight from entering the room and offer moderate privacy. Darker coloured fabrics may offer more privacy than lighter coloured ones. An optional privacy liner allows diffused light to enter the room and people and objects appear as silhouettes when looking in from the outside at night. A blackout liner blocks the most light from entering the room and provides complete privacy.

Pleated shades are available in different pleat sizes, typically 1″ and 2″. Some manufacturers have an optional feature to preserve the pleated appearance of the shade if it is left down in the closed position for extended periods of time. This extra back ladder support prevents the pleats from sagging which extends the life of the shade.

There are a range of operating systems available for Pleated shades. The standard cord lock system allows you to raise and lower the shade with a cord. The continuous cord loop system utilizes a cord loop to raise and lower the shade. This is a nice option to adjust large and heavier shades more easily. Cordless lift is one of the most popular systems as it provides cord-free operation of the shade which is ideal for homes with small children and pets where exposed cords pose a safety concern. You simply raise and lower the shade by pulling on the bottom rail. For the ultimate in convenience, you can opt for a motorized lift system which allows you to move the shade with a remote control or a home automation app.

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