Custom Window Shades & Blinds

Custom blinds and shades can add beauty and practicality to any window. They are the most popular choice for light control and privacy. Blinds are often considered a “hard” window treatment as they are usually made of metal, vinyl or wood. They have individual slats that can be tilted, raised or lowered. Shades on the other hand are usually made with fabric, cannot tilt and are meant to be raised or lowered. Some types such as our cellular honeycomb shades have the ability to raise and lower from the top or bottom, allowing you just the right amount of light and privacy.

    • Cellular Honeycomb Shades – One of our best-selling products, made from soft textured, woven and non-woven fabrics with crisp, even pleats that trap air for maximum energy efficiency.
    • Natural Shades – Wooden window coverings such as woven wood shades or natural shades, are woven from carefully selected wood, bamboo and rattan.
    • Roller & Screen Shades – Choose from fabrics that suit today’s relaxed, elegant, and casual lifestyles. From high-tech solar screen mesh fabrics to stunning pattern or woven fabrics.
    • Roman Shades – Choose your look: elegant and traditional or contemporary and relaxed.
    • Sheer Shades – Enjoy the privacy of a window shade, the softened view of a sheer, and the light control and versatility of a horizontal blind all in one.
    • Venetian Blinds – Offering maximum light control and available in an array of materials, slat sizes and colours and finishes.
    • Vertical Blinds – The ideal choice for sliding-glass doors or large windows.

Window Blinds & Shades FAQs

Q: Should blinds go inside or outside the window frame?
A: It is more common to be mounted inside but depending on the products and the site conditions, an outside mount may be better.

Q: Can blinds be cut to size?
A: Yes, some cut to fit blinds are available at big box stores, but everything we do is custom made and guaranteed to fit.

Q: Should venetian blinds tilt up or down for privacy?
A: It depends on where your neighbours are, looking up into your windows or down. You can add a privacy option to the blinds to ensure better privacy.

Q: What is the easiest way to clean blinds?
A: Any type of hard surface products require regular dusting, and fabric materials generally should be professionally cleaned. Refer to our blog post and don’t forget to check the manufacturers website to be sure.

Q: Can blinds be repaired?
A: Most blinds and shades can be repaired but it depends what is broken or the extent of the repair, and if replacement parts are still available.

Our extensive selection of suppliers offers you an almost infinite choice of styles and colours to dress your windows. Click on the products below to read more about each type, or come visit us if you’re looking for shades or window blinds in Victoria, BC. Our showroom will allow you to see all the different varieties of blinds and shades we offer.