Window Shutters – Where tropical flair meets function

Shutters are classic window treatments that are used in Caribbean getaways and Paris apartments. On the practical side, they act as an energy efficient insulator as well as a noise insulator. They are very versatile and offer you the ability to regulate the natural light in your rooms from bright sunlight to secure darkness. Best of all, you can enjoy them for years to come as they require very little maintenance and last the life of your home. Consider them a worry-free investment that adds a new dimension to your home’s décor.

A stylish way to solve many of the practical problems a window presents, our selection of window shutters are available in long-lasting materials and elevated finishes, and can be made to fit a variety of windows, including specialty shapes and sliding-glass doors. We think of shutters as beautiful hand crafted furniture for your window, where every part, from the colour of the hinges to the louver size, is a custom choice so when we design shutters they are truly designed for your home and style. Shutters are a classic way to achieve light control, privacy, and UV control.  Because they can be made from different materials such as real wood, composite or faux wood, or vinyl, we are able to make sure you’re getting a product that is exactly right for the climate and humidity of your space. Want to match the exact paint or stain in your home? You can also do that with shutters.

There are a variety of operating systems for shutters. Some of the more popular choices are:


With a motorized shutter system, you can move the louvres according to schedules you set—day or night, whether you’re home or away. They can be controlled with your voice, a tablet, your smartphone or a remote control. They are also compatible with smart-home systems for the ultimate in convenience.

Bi-Fold Track

For large windows with gorgeous views, the Bi-Fold Track system is a perfect solution for operating your shutters. Shutter panels are hinged together and connected to a top track, which supports the panels and guides their folding movements allowing you to open them wide and enjoy unobstructed views. An option with all of our shutter products, the Bi-Fold Track System allows multiple panels to be hinged together. The panels are connected to a top track which supports them and guides their folding movements. Bi-fold panels can also be configured on a track to accommodate large windows or sliding glass doors.

Bi-Pass Track

For smooth operation, we recommend the bypass track system that lets your shutter panels slide past each other without interruption, opening in the same direction of your patio door for ease of use. The bypass open louver system allows the louvers to remain open while sliding or stacking, maximizing the panoramic view.

Hinged Panels

Let fresh air flow through your space with versatile hinged panels. Not only do you get the benefit of working shutters, you also have the option to fully swing your windows open as the shutters are attached to a frame or window opening via a hinge. Available with all of our shutter products, this classic plantation shutter look consists of shutter panels that are hinged to a frame or window opening. For wide windows, extra vertical posts called T-posts, can be built into the shutter frame allowing for additional panels giving you more design flexibility.

Hidden Tilt

Revel in unobstructed views with the concealed one-touch control system. Its invisible secret? A gear system enclosed inside the panel. Offered on select shutters, this hidden tilt system completely eliminates the traditional tilt bar. It features a gear-driven system for one-touch control and an unobstructed view.

Rear Tilt

For minimalist design appeal and functionality, the rear tilt system lets you open and close your shutters by simply tilting one louver to the desired position, and the rest will follow. This rear tilt option is available with all of our shutter products and is an operating system that is barely visible from the front of the product. It integrates discreetly into the back of the shutter for a sleek contemporary look. To operate, simply tilt one louver to the desired position, and the rest follow.

Front Tilt Bar

As simple as it gets—shutters that open and close tightly, thanks to a single bar attached to the front of the shutters that allows for easy operation. A standard operating system on all of our shutter products, a traditional front tilt bar is located on the front center of the shutter panel connecting the louvers to one another for easy open and close operation of the louvers.

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