Screen Roller Shades: The Choice for Indoor Solar Shades

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How Screen Solar Shades Can Protect Your Home and Reduce Your Energy Bills

Indoor Solar Shades are a great way to block UV rays and heat, and create privacy while still allowing you to see outside. Because although there are times we might enjoy a puddle of sun by a window or door, most people want to be able to control the light and heat coming into their home.

Keeping your windows uncovered makes your home vulnerable to overexposure, both to sunlight and through a lack of privacy. To prevent this, consider installing solar shades on interior windows and glass doors.

There are a number of options when it comes to window shades that offer sun protection and privacy, but here we’ll be exploring why screen roller shades are the ideal choice for indoor solar shades, and the benefits they offer.

Which Types of Window Coverings Offer Good Solar Protection?

Thanks to the variety of materials available for window coverings, there are a number of options if you’re looking for a shade that offers solar protection.

These include:

  • Cellular / Honeycomb Shades – Available in sheer fabrics that allow in light while protecting privacy. Their closed cell shape is superior for insulating against hot or cold weather conditions.
  • Woven Wood Shades – Made from bamboo, rattan or grasses, these shades naturally filter light when closed. Linings can be added for more privacy.
  • Pleated Shades – folded horizontally in an accordion style, these shades are available with special backings that can block sunlight.
  • Sheer Shades – Feature sheer material with horizontal vanes, which can be tilted to close up and create more privacy and block UV rays.
  • Venetian Blinds – made from wood or metal, these classic blinds offer maximum light control but no UV protection when open.

Screen roller shades are another solar shade option to consider.

What’s The Difference Between Screen Roller Shades and Traditional Roller Shades?indoor solar shades

We all remember traditional roller shades, those made of a solid, opaque material with a decorative edging most often seen in the kitchens and bathrooms of our youth.

Today’s roller shades still consist of a length of material that wraps around a metal tube, but the materials available now are limitless and include high-tech solar screen mesh fabrics that block harmful UV rays.

Depending on the material chosen, a roller blind can:

  • Fully cover up your windows offering privacy and keeping all traces of sunlight out, with the use of a thicker or blackout material
  • Combat the sunlight and block UV rays without entirely blocking the view outside your window, with the use of a fine solar fabric.

Why are screen roller shades the best choice for indoor solar shades?

There are some benefits to screen solar shades that make them a great option when it comes to choosing UV-protecting window coverings for your home.


  • While solar shades are energy efficient, screen roller shades tend to be the most effective shield from the sun, keeping your room cooler during the hot summer months. 
  • They also insulate your home from cold external air in the winter
  • Not only do they help to create a comfortable environment year-round, but heating and cooling costs are reduced as well. 

Remember that the level of light and heat protection from screen roller shades depends on the size of the weave. Choose a material with a solar shade percentage that strikes the best balance between light and UV protection.

Reduced UV Light and Glare

  • Solar fabrics reduce glare and block out light, allowing you to see your television and other electronic screens without the hassle of a beam of sunlight breaking your vision. 
  • UV light can damage furniture and floors, causing fading and weakness with continued exposure.
  • Be mindful when choosing fabric colour for your screen roller shades, as this can also influence heat and light blockage. 
  • Lighter fabrics reflect more light compared to darker ones, so if you live in a sunny area and want to stay away from the glare, choose darker fabrics to block more light and heat. 
  • Lighter fabrics will brighten your space by letting in some natural light while still protecting you from the sun.

Provide Privacy

  • Traditional shades provide great privacy, but they also completely block out the sun and the view. 
  • Screen roller shades can prevent people from being able to see into your home, while still giving you the pleasure of some natural light without glare or harm from UV rays. 
  • When choosing your screen roller shades, opt for the tightest weave at 1% for the most privacy. 
  • Also consider the best of both worlds by layering screen roller shades with drapery to provide light filtering during the day and additional privacy at night.

Easy to Clean

  • Because screen roller shades are made of durable fabric, they’re easy to clean with a vacuum at a low setting, or can be spot cleaned with a mild soap solution. 
  • Roller blinds won’t collect as much dust and dirt as some styles of shades like venetian or roman.

Convenient Control

  • Screen roller shades are convenient because they’re easy to roll up or down depending on your needs.

Control options for screen roller shades include cordless lift and motorized systems, which make adjusting the blind level easy and fast.

  • If you’re craving more privacy, you can keep your screen roller shade down and add curtains over the top. 

Screen Roller Shades to Match Any Home Style

Screen roller shades have a clean and versatile design which matches well with any type of interior or exterior décor and can give any space an updated, modern look.

When choosing your screen roller shades, explore different fabrics while being mindful of the type of weaving you need to appropriately keep away UV light while locking in heat. 

Shade fabrics come in a variety of colours, patterns, textures and opacities.

Choose from different sheer fabrics that are airy and translucent, light-filtering fabrics that provide a soft outline of the outdoors, or dark fabrics that can dim your room significantly and keep out a lot of light.

Screen Roller Shades and More Solar Shade Options at Ruffell and Brown

At Ruffell & Brown, we will work with you to determine which indoor solar shades will work best for your needs and decor.

Contact us or stop by our showroom in Victoria, BC to see our display of window coverings including screen roller shades, as well as our solar shade material options. With the best selection of screen roller shades for your windows, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

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