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Enhancing Your Home’s Curb Appeal with Interior Shutters

Window shutters are one of the most traditional ways to enhance the first impression that your home makes to the world. Whether your personal style is more farmhouse fabulous, Caribbean cool, or somewhere in between, shutters create a sophisticated and cohesive look.

What are Shutters?

Not to be confused with exterior shutters, which are now primarily used for décor, interior window shutters add style, value and extra security to your home. A rigid window covering in a framework, they’re constructed of horizontal louvres that can open and close to allow air and light in, or block it out. Made of a variety of materials ranging from solid wood to a hybrid of materials, they’re a charming addition to any home décor theme. Available in a variety of long-lasting materials, finishes and stylish colours, we offer innovative window covering designs and automated options to simplify your life and add polish to your home.

The Many Benefits of Shutters

  • Adds a higher class, timeless look to your home
  • Adds a soft, filtered light to the room for a tranquil feel
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers, thanks to easy care, wipe-clean materials
  • Ideal for UV control, filters light more effectively than other window treatments
  • Provides a higher level of privacy with louvred slats
  • Energy efficient and provide an extra layer of insulation against heat and cold
  • Adds to your home’s value and are considered permanent fixtures
  • Adds style and substance to hard-to-dress smaller and specialty shaped windows
  • Always cordless, making them safe and universally easy to use
  • Our Shutters are designed with your choice of durable materials and operating systems

Creating Curb Appeal with Shutters

The small details go a long way towards making your home look its most attractive. When you match your windows and the exterior of your home with custom shutters from Ruffell and Brown, you create an upscale, uniform look. Shutters also work particularly well on specialty shaped windows like arched and angled designs.

No matter which material and style you choose, our line of shutters can greatly enhance your home’s curb appeal. Some top ways to use shutters as eye-catching décor:

  • Choose neutral or white shutters for a traditional, uniform look
  • Choose colourful colours to add interesting contrast to the exterior to add a modern edge
  • Want more variety inside your home? Pair shutters with curtains and valances in coordinating colours to match your interior décor while maintaining one set look on the outside
  • Choose matching shutters in every street facing window for the most uniform and appealing look
  • Choose shutters for smaller windows that may otherwise appear mismatched. Arched windows with a set of custom shutters look gorgeous and flow naturally with other windows dressed with shutters
  • Coordinate your shutters to perfectly match existing paint or stain colours

Choose from a Large Selection of Styles and Materials

Wood ShuttersHunter Douglas Wood Shutters

Our wood shutters create a natural, handcrafted look that coordinates beautifully with wood furniture. Ideal for homes with wooden exteriors and classic architecture, our wood shutters create a warm and luxurious look.

Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters

Made of UV resistant polysatin compound, Palm Beach polysatin shutters are guaranteed against wear and tear like chipping, warping, or discolouring. The DuraLux finish looks just like paint but is scratch, dent and fade resistant, so it never needs refinishing. This is a great choice for high traffic areas like kitchens and mudrooms.

Vinyl Shutters

Durable and resistant to the elements, our vinyl shutters offer many advantages since they’re as beautiful as they are practical. Available in an array of colours and shades, they easily enhance both the interior and exterior of your home.

NewStyle Hybrid Shutters

Crafted with a blend of real wood using dovetail construction and finished with Finetech Finish coating for durability and easy care. NewStyle Hybrid shutters will stand up to any climate and are ideal for any room in the home.

Additional Customization Options

From the standard front tilt bar to motorized operation, your new shutters will be customized to meet your exact needs and specifications.


Set the times to have your shutters open and close for a hands-off way to control UV exposure and privacy. With voice control, an app for your smartphone or tablet, smart-home system integration options, or the included remote control, you can move the louvres according to your schedule. Program your shutters to open and close while you’re away from home to give the appearance of the house being occupied, to close every night at bedtime and open at first light, and more. Great for shift workers and those who work during the night, motorized shutters help optimize your light control with zero fuss.

Bi-Fold Track

Ideal for picture windows or sliding glass doors, the Bi-Fold Track system shutter panels are connected to a top track and hinged together. The smooth folding movements of the bi-fold track allow them to be easily opened wide to showcase your views.

Bi-Pass Track

Bi-Pass track shutters are ideal for patio doors since the panels slide past each other and open in the same direction of the door for easy access. Bi-pass track shutters also maximize the views by allowing the louvres to be open while sliding or stacking the panels.

Hinged Panels

Attached to a frame or window opening using a hinge, this style of shutter is versatile and allows for more fresh air to flow into your home. With a classic plantation shutter appearance, these can be used for any window size, including wider than average windows using extra vertical posts and panels.

Hidden Tilt

The hidden tilt system is designed with a one-touch gear system concealed inside the panel. Available on select shutters, there is no tilt bar needed for a sleek look and unobstructed views.

Rear Tilt

Similar to Hidden Tilt, the Rear Tilt system creates a discreet look and minimalist design. Tilt one louvre to the position you’d like and the rest of the louvres will tilt with it. The Rear Tilt system is available with all our shutters.

Front Tilt

The traditional front tilt design has a single bar attached to the front of the shutters for ease of use. Standard on all of our products, this is a tried and true system with a classic look.

Love the look of shutters, but aren’t sure which size louvre or which colours, materials and operating systems are right for your home? Trying to decide between wood and vinyl? Our knowledgeable team of designers will work with you to select and design custom shutters that will blend in perfectly with your home’s aesthetic. We’ve been experts in window covering design and installation since 1987.  Call or email Ruffell and Brown to schedule a consultation or visit our world-class showroom today.

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