10 Small Closet Organization Ideas to Maximize Your Space

small closet organization

Custom Closet Organization Solutions That are Stylish and Functional

A disorganized, overly stuffed and cluttered closet is not only an eyesore to look at, but it can make it hard to find what you need, wasting precious time. It can be even harder to keep your belongings tidy when you have limited space, but the good news is that there are lots of small closet organization tricks that can help.

If you’re looking for a closet that is stylish and stress-reducing, there are many custom closet organizers that improve both the layout and functionality of your space.

Ruffell & Brown, your Victoria, BC window treatment experts, are now offering custom closet solutions, and we specialize in maximizing the use of space, no matter how small your closet is!

Read on to find out more about our favourite custom small closet organization systems, such as small space shoe storage, and some tips and tricks to keeping all your items neat and tidy.

Small Closet Organization Ideas and Benefits

When creating a closet that is organized, functional and maximizes space, there are two main ways this can be achieved:

  • Adding a custom built-in closet system that includes solutions tailored to your personal needs.
  • Enhancing the functionality of your built-in system with the use of additional organizational aids, such as belt racks, rods, hidden hampers, and hooks.

A well-organized closet has many benefits, making the effort to upgrade worth it. For example:

Less clutter and mess = less stress and more time. If you can see what you have, it’s easier and faster to choose an outfit. Putting clean laundry away also becomes instantly less stressful.

You get what you need. Do you have an extensive shoe collection, or are you a classic watch collector? Modern closet organization options allow for every type of personal request. You can even get integrated ironing boards for those who like sharp seams.

Good selling point. If you ever want to sell your home, a functional and stylish closet system will be very desirable to buyers and may add value. Closet organizers are one of the top sought-after improvements on a home for sale.

Read this blog on Medium for more “Important Benefits of a Well-Organized Closet.”

What Should a Good Small Closet Organization System Include?

A sound closet system will maximize the space available, no matter how large or small, by ensuring every gap has a purpose and no space is wasted. Talk to your custom closet consultant about including the following in your system:

1 – Drawers: Include drawers within your closet for small items such as underwear or accessories. Drawers help to keep items separated while also being easy to access. Special drawer dividers and inserts such as jewellery trays, watch trays, or belt trays allow for smaller, more delicate items to be both protected and easy to find, especially if you choose to add a clear glass lid.

New condos feature more square footage in the living areas and less in the bedrooms. This means the furniture is harder to place in this room usually, and dressers must be purged. Adding drawers to your closet is one way to keep this much-needed space.

2 – Shelving: Including some open, adjustable closet shelving in your closet system not only brings some style and visual appeal to the space, but they are multifunctional. Shelving is ideal for items such as sweaters, purses and hats and offers the added benefit of protecting those items from other clutter. Special shelving solutions such as shelf dividers, slide-out shelving or shoe rails allow you to utilize the space fully.

3 – Rods: Rather than just having a single closet rod in an open space, add one higher rod and one lower. If your closet ceiling is high, add a pull-down closet rod to help you reach every item. Add a little personality to your closet with a contrasting rod colour.

4 – Hidden hampers: Integrated laundry hampers are a great way to keep dirty clothing off the bedroom floor and out of sight.

5 – Integrated lighting: Built-in lighting not only helps you to see all of your items clearly but can also add to the illusion of space by eliminating dark corners and making the closet feel brighter and more open.

Bringing Organizational Methods to Your Closet

Once you have the base of a functional, custom-created closet, you can use some of these organizational tips to maximize space, add personal design touches and de-clutter.

6 – Start by de-cluttering: Before deciding what and how much storage you need, it’s a smart idea to declutter. Not only will you not need to find space for things you don’t use anymore, but you’ll have extra space for new purchases, too. This article by The Spruce gives some great advice on how to declutter your closet.

7 – Boxes and baskets: Using boxes or baskets on open shelving allows you to keep similar items together and easily accessible while creating a neat appearance. Use textured, patterned or brightly coloured boxes to add visual interest to your closet interior.

Maximize the vertical space in your closet space by placing boxed seasonal items on high shelves. Baskets are also a good way to utilize available closet floor space.

8 – Hooks: Use any open wall space by adding hooks, which make a versatile option for hanging purses, belts, hats or jewellery.

9 – Use the back of the door: The back of the closet door is an ideal place to add additional storage, such as a shoe rack or even a mirror.

10 – Use a curtain instead of a door: Sometimes, the space required for a door can restrict what is inside the closet. Consider removing the door and replacing it with a stylish fabric treatment, which is not only a more flexible barrier but can add a touch of beauty and colour to your room.

For more small closet ideas to integrate with your custom closet system, see these ‘21 tricks to keep clothes neat, tidy and ordered’ by Homes and Gardens.

We Have All Your Custom Closet Needs Covered

At Ruffell and Brown, we don’t just offer custom bedroom closets, but we can help keep your whole home organized.

If you’re looking for a custom closet solution for your pantry, mudroom, garage or office, we can help. We only work with the highest quality materials to create stylish and functional closets that will last for years to come.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a quote for a closet makeover. Don’t forget, we can take care of all your window coverings too!

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