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Automated window coverings use innovative technology that allows you to move your shades according to schedules you set for day or night, whether you’re home or away. You can control your window coverings using your voice, a tablet or smartphone, or a remote control. Most systems are also compatible with smart-home systems for ultimate convenience.

Imagine your window coverings adjusting themselves automatically to create the perfect ambiance in your room. They can be scheduled to move according to the sun’s position which maximizes energy efficiency and saves you money on heating and cooling bills. They protect your furnishings from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays as the window coverings can be programmed, or sun sensors added, to close when the sun’s rays come into your home or business.

Automated window coverings are very convenient to operate. Why not schedule your window coverings to move themselves, saving you time and adding to the security of your home while you’re away? This is becoming a very popular option, especially for operating hard-to-reach window coverings such as skylight shades, transom window shades, and blinds behind a tub or piece of furniture. You can easily control a group of window coverings in a room, or even an entire housefull, all at once.

Another benefit to automated window coverings is the clean and uncluttered look they provide at the window. There is no need for the lift cords, chains, or tilt wands, which makes them aesthetically pleasing. Eliminating the cords makes automated shades an ideal choice for homes with children and pets as there are no cords for them to get tangled in.

To protect your furnishings from the sun’s damaging UV rays, automated window coverings can be programmed, or sun sensors added, so they close automatically before the sun’s rays enter your home or business.

There are a variety of ways to power automated shades. If you’re looking for a wire-free option, there are battery-powered motors that use radio frequency to communicate. There are also rechargeable motors which eliminate the need for batteries. Some of the rechargeable motors offer a solar panel option to recharge the battery which is ideal for windows that get direct sun. There is also the option of plugging an automated shade into an electrical outlet. The outlet can be concealed under a built-in valance or behind a drapery panel so you don’t see the exposed cord. If that is not possible, there are wire management products available to conceal the cord such as wiremold.

If you are looking to hardwire your window coverings, there are both low voltage and line voltage motors available. The motor type is dependent on the product choice as well as the size and weight of the window covering.

Whether you’re looking for one motorized shade or a whole-home integrated solution, Ruffell & Brown can help you make the right choices. We carry several manufacturers to ensure every option is available to you.

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