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indoor solar shades

Are the sun’s rays streaming in your windows, damaging your furnishings, and casting a glare on your TV screen? Or do you find it difficult to enjoy your view during the day as it’s too bright? If you are looking for ways to control the sun, we have many products for you to consider that will control the amount of sunlight coming into your home or business.

One of the most popular choices for filtering out the sun’s harsh rays while maintaining the view are screen roller shades. They are specially made to filter out UV rays, protecting your furniture and valuables. They are available in varying levels of opacity which gives you control over how much light comes through. Screen roller shades work beautifully in all spaces, however they do not provide much privacy at night, as the amount you can see through the screen fabric during the day is the same amount of view they provide to your interior at night so this should be discussed with one of our consultants to see if this is the right window covering for you.

Another product to consider are cellular honeycomb shades. These are our best selling product category as they come in a range of opacities from sheer fabrics all the way to blackout room darkening fabrics. These shades are available with the popular Top-Down Bottom-Up feature which allows you to position the fabric where it is needed to block the sun from streaming through the window while keeping the rest of the view unobstructed. Cellular honeycomb shades can cover a variety of shapes and sizes of windows and they take up minimal space when they are fully raised so they do not take up much space at the top of the window.

Horizontal blinds or Venetian blinds are still a popular option and come in aluminum, faux wood, and real wood. They can be a very versatile sun control product as you can tilt the slats on an angle to deflect the light coming in, and you can close the slats for even more light control and privacy.

Sheer shadings are an excellent choice to protect your interior from UV exposure while maintaining the view to the outside. They are similar to a venetian blind, but instead of slats they have fabric vanes that are suspended between sheer material. The sheer fabrics filter out 88% of UV when the vanes are open, and 99% when the vanes are closed.

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