Specialty Shaped Window Coverings

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Window covering solutions in many shapes

What can you do with your specialty shaped windows such as Arches, Angled, Circles and many others? The good news is that we have many specialty shaped window coverings for covering these type of unique windows. Many custom blinds & shades can be custom fitted into these uniquely shaped windows,  but you’ll need to talk to one of our experienced window treatment specialists to find out the right treatment for you.  These beautifully shaped windows can be challenging to treat, and they might have limited operation capabilities that need to be discussed with you to consider what’s right for you and your budget.


Arched windows can be problematic to find the right window treatments but we’ve got you covered there as well with our arch shaped window coverings. One of the most common types of specialty windows, arched windows, add charm and character to your house but can also offer a particular set of challenges when it comes to privacy and light control. We can solve these challenges with a variety of different options, allowing for a broad range of styles, light control and privacy possibilities. Arches come in different sizes and configurations, including stationary, extended, half circle, half moon, quarter circle, perfect, imperfect, eyebrow and Gothic. Duette® Honeycomb Shades‘ EasyView® Arch allows you to raise and lower the shade versus other cellular shade arch treatments that remain stationary. In addition, the cellular honeycomb fabric runs horizontally in the arch to complement the other shades in your room. As with all specialty shapes, you should consult with one of our specialists when deciding which product will work best for your arched windows.


Common in contemporary homes, angled windows bring up some unique challenges in providing privacy and light control and keeping your home energy efficient. Our consultants are here to help and can offer you a wide selection of products that help to enhance the beauty of your angled windows whether the shade is open or closed. Angled windows come in many variations including right triangles, isosceles triangles and top/bottom-sloped windows. Some of the products that best fit these windows are cellular honeycomb shades, shutters, wood and faux wood blinds, sheer shadings and vertical blinds.


Trapezoidal and tapered-side windows come in many different configurations and angles. These windows consist of four sides with at least one pair of parallel sides. Some of the options for these windows are cellular honeycomb shades, sheer shadings and roman shades.


While unique window shapes such as hexagons and octagons are not as common as other window shapes, we can still offer you the opportunity to cover these unique windows. Cellular honeycomb shades, faux wood blinds, shutters and sheer shadings offer many versatile and durable options to help you cover even the most unusually shaped window.


While unique window shapes such as circles and ovals are not as common as other window shapes, we have a range of products to cover these specialty windows. Wood blinds and faux wood blinds, cellular honeycomb shades, sheer shadings, roman shades and shutters offer many versatile and durable options to help you cover even the most unusually shaped window.


Window coverings for bay, corner and bow windows are usually standard rectangular installations positioned to mimic the curved or angled shape of these window types. Panels are independent of one another. Virtually all products can be used for covering your bay, corner or bow window.

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