Stylish shades and blinds for tilt and turn windows

Window coverings for tilt and turn windows. These beautiful and high quality European windows and doors can prove challenging to cover with blinds or shades as they tilt inwards at the top or swing inwards like a door which can limit some of the choices for window coverings. Tilt and turn window blinds and shades have been gaining in popularity as these specialty window covering systems have been developed specifically for this unique application. At Ruffell & Brown, we have a range of options for you to consider. 


Perfect Fit is an attractive and innovative window shade system that can be fitted onto most turn and tilt style windows anywhere in the home. It is unique because the window shade fits neatly into a low profile frame which moves together with the windows and doors when they are opened, closed, or tilted, giving you the perfect combination of privacy and ventilation. These shades are available in a large selection of colours to match your decor and they do not require any drilling or screwing into your window frames as they mount using a clip system which makes for a quick and clean installation. As the shade has a frame around the fabric, there are reduced gaps at the edges of the shades which increases the amount of privacy they provide. These shades are great for households with children or pets because there are no loose operating cords or loops which leaves your window sills clutter free and they can be easily removed for cleaning.


Hunter Douglas recently introduced an innovative TrackGlide™ system for their Duette® Honeycomb Shades which are great shades for tilt and turn windows. There are tracks mounted behind the shades on either side which keep the shade in place, regardless of whether your window is closed, tilted or turned. They are also suitable for French doors, TrackGlide is available with the LiteRise® operating system.


Door Décor cellular shades from Comfortex are an ideal insulating option for tilt and turn windows and doors. These shades feature a tension control system and are available with three operating options: stationary, movable top rail, and movable top and bottom rail.