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A common question we are asked is “What window coverings are available for my sliding patio door?” While virtually any window covering can be made for a traditional patio or sliding-glass door, certain styles are better suited to this application. These products traverse horizontally which makes them easier to operate. Beyond traditional vertical blinds, we have many innovative alternatives to choose from. Our experienced window treatment specialists can come right to your home or business at no charge to show you all the window covering options that you may want to consider for your home or business.


For doors that need extra insulation from the heat or cold, a vertical cellular honeycomb shade is the ideal option. This system is very simple, with no cords, chains or wands, and gives you the flexibility to use one shade to cover the entire expanse or split it into two with each shade operating independently.


If you are looking for a classical, elegant look, vertical sheers are a great choice. The sheer facing resembles traditional sheer draperies, while the 180-degree rotating vertical fabric vanes give you complete control over light and privacy to create the perfect ambiance.

Dark framed window furnished with window coverings


For a sleek, modern look, consider gliding window panels. These are the perfect solution for large, expansive doors and windows. The design allows many panels to attach to one slim headrail regardless of door and window width making the stackback minimal.


The perfect casual look can be found with the vertical-style option of woven wood or natural shades that are made with a combination of natural materials such as bamboo, wood, reeds and grasses.


Shutters can be made with a bi-fold or bypass track system that works well for patio and sliding-glass doors. Bi-fold shutters are hinged which allows the shutter panels to fold back when opened. Bypass shutters glide in tracks which allow the shutter panels to stack in front or behind each other when open.


Vertical blinds are a popular choice for patio and sliding-glass doors. Our large selection includes fabric, vinyl, and aluminum finishes with a variety of styles, colors, textures and patterns to enhance any décor.

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