Big Windows? No Problem! Best Blinds for Large Windows

Best Modern Window Coverings for Large Windows

Big windows are a beautiful addition to any home – letting in natural light, warmth and expansive views, but when it comes to covering them, which are the best blinds for large windows?

Large expanses of glass can add a stunning appearance to the architecture of any home as they create an open and bright look and feel. But all that glass comes with a challenge too. What if you want to control the light or have some privacy? Off-the-shelf blinds won’t work for large windows, so a custom solution is required.

To help you choose the right big window blinds for your home, follow this guide to the best modern window coverings for large windows.

What to Consider When Choosing Window Coverings for Large Windows

Despite all the positives of large windows, they bring some downsides too, such as:

  • UV damage: With glass comes sunlight. While natural sunlight is good for us, it can be damaging to your home. UV rays can damage and fade furniture and flooring over time. A window covering will help prevent glare and damage.
  • Heat transfer: Glass doesn’t insulate, so large expanses can let in heat during warm weather and lose it in the winter. Blinds can help reduce this heat transfer and, as a result, save energy used on heating and cooling. 
  • Privacy: While having an unobstructed view of the outside is desirable, it also means anyone outside can see into your home. Installing window coverings will enable you to retain the view when you want it but add a layer of privacy when it’s required – especially at night.

When choosing window coverings for your large windows, consider:

  • Weight – Large blinds can be very heavy. Choose lightweight materials or multiple smaller blinds to overcome this issue.
  • Operating Systems – Floor-to-ceiling or double-height window coverings are going to be out of reach for most people. If you have a particularly high or long window to cover, consider using a motorized operating system, which can be controlled from either a remote control or your smart automation system.
  • Is the ability to adjust important? Do you want permanent coverage or do you want to be able to adjust the view and light filtration on your window covering? Consider a Duolite shade that can give you both light filtration and the ability to block harsh UV by combining two shades in one treatment.

Best Blinds for Large Windows

There are many options for window coverings that work well on large windows, including:

Cellular Blinds

Honeycomb-style cellular blinds are extremely lightweight and have superior insulation, making them ideal for large expanses of glass. Available in widths up to 12 feet, they have a small stack that minimalizes their appearance when open.

Vertical Blinds

While vertical blinds are most suitable for sliding glass patio doors, they are also very effective on floor-to-ceiling windows and can work on the widest expanses of glass. The ability to tilt the vertical vanes gives great control over light without having to fully open the blind.

Vertical blinds are not just for the office – softer styles like the Luminette privacy sheer from Hunter Douglas have the look of soft drapery when closed, which brings a warm style to any room.

Sliding Panels

Fabric panels, such as the Hunter Douglas Skyline Gliding Window Panels, slide on tracks so their position can be changed as desired. Available in a vast range of fabric choices and opacities, they offer a decorative solution for floor-to-ceiling windows or patio doors.

Roller Shades

The cleanest look for a large window. Roller blinds have a simple profile and roll up neatly when open, complimenting minimalist décor. Light enough to be used across a wide window, or consider 2 or 3 side by side to allow more selective light control.

Roman Blinds

The soft folds of roman blinds give a graceful finish to oversize windows. Available in wide widths, they can be used in different ways:

  • One large blind across a row of 2 or more tall, slim windows.
  • Multiple smaller blinds across one large window – if you choose this option, go with a solid colour or a simple pattern that can be lined up.


If you want your oversize windows to be the statement centrepiece of your room, consider adding shutters. They create a classic frame around the windows and can break up a very large expanse of glass.

Shutters minimize heat transfer which is ideal in extreme weather locations. As well as traditional door style opening, shutters can be fitted on tracks so they can be stacked to the side when you want an open view.

Wooden options

While faux wood horizontal blinds are an option for taller windows, they are too heavy for wide windows. If you particularly like the look of wooden blinds, consider real wood, which is considerably lighter, eliminating the risk of sagging or mechanism damage.

Tip: When your window is too wide for a single blind, consider multiple smaller units attached to one headrail. While each can be operated independently, the overall look is cohesive and classy.

See this piece by for more ways to dress wide windows.

Curtains and Drapes for Large Windows

Curtains and drapes offer another option for large windows, whether used alone or in combination with shades or blinds.

Using drapes offers a decorative finish, which can add warmth to a room or complement a more traditional style of décor. Ways to use drapes on large windows include:

  • Use narrow curtains on either end of a row of windows, like bookends.
  • For full-room-width windows, use one continuous length of drapery for a consistent and contemporary finish.
  • Layering drapes with different opacities gives optimum light control – pair a sheer drape with a heavy curtain for a classic look.
  • Use light or sheer fabrics for filtered light with full privacy.
  • For lower energy bills, layer drapes over energy-efficient blinds.

See this article by for more large window curtain ideas and inspiration.

Go Custom for the Best Large Window Coverings

For the best results, choose custom-made for your large windows coverings. Victoria, BC is the home to Ruffell and Brown, specialists in coverings for all your windows, including oversized ones. 

Our expert staff can offer advice on which blinds will work on your large windows and ensure the measurement and fitting are completed accurately.

Contact us today to arrange a measurement and consultation for your big windows.

Smart Blinds for Easy Window Covering Control

Motorized Blinds and Other Automated Window Coverings

You’ve likely seen smart blinds or other motorized window coverings in action before. But maybe you’re just now thinking about automating your window coverings. If that sounds like you, read on to discover all the benefits of smart window coverings. 

As you consider your options, you may be wondering just how motorized blinds can make your life a little simpler and whether they could pair up with your chosen digital voice assistant.

What are Motorized Blinds?

In terms of appearance, motorized blinds are virtually identical to standard roll-up blinds. They come in the same variety of styles, including accordion, slat, sheet rollup and so on. The difference is that with motorized blinds, there is a small motor hidden in the aluminum spindle to which the blind is attached. 

When it comes to the motorization of window coverings, there are four main categories:

  1. Wired motor. These come prewired for a licensed electrician to attach to an electrical box.
  2. Motorized wand. The wand is attached directly to the blind, so you need only press a button to make the blind move.
  3. Battery motor. This tends to be the most popular category. Battery-operated blinds typically require that their batteries be recharged to keep working properly.
  4. Solar recharged battery motor. This is similar to a battery-operated motor, with the exception that it also requires the installation of a solar panel to capture sunlight and charge the battery. If there doesn’t happen to be enough light when the battery fails, you can use an electric battery charger.

What are Smart Blinds?

Smart blinds are essentially motorized blinds that have the bonus of being automated. Most of the time, owners of motorized blinds use an on-deck set of buttons, or a remote, to adjust their blinds. 

Smart blinds take that ability to control remotely a step further by letting you open and close the blinds using your smartphone and a home automation app. The blinds can also be programmed to automatically adjust at specific times of the day.

An automation option that is growing in popularity is the smart home controller, which not only allows you to program your blinds but is also compatible with voice-activated digital assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Buying Smart Blinds

When it comes to buying smart blinds, the most important decision is of course choosing the right style.

Since motorized blinds have such a wide variety of styles and designs to pick from, choosing one is all about your personal taste and inspiration, and how the blinds work with your décor. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, you will need to consider the power source and your budget.

Blinds can be hardwired to your homes main electrical box, or they can be solar-powered, battery-powered or corded. If you rent your home, rather than owning it, the hardwired option might not work for you. 

If your place doesn’t get much light, you might choose something other than the solar-powered option. No matter what you choose, the power source is an important consideration when you are buying motorized blinds.

The next most important consideration when buying motorized blinds is your budget. With motorized blinds averaging between $300 and $600 per blind, there is enough variety to find automatic blinds that fit your budget.

Can I Add Automation To My Existing Blinds?

The quick answer to this is yes! There are DIY automation kits on the market that allow you to automate particular parts of your blinds, such as the chain that controls the roller, or the wand that opens the slats. 

Be aware, these kits don’t offer full automation the way that customized powered blinds do and they may not look as good as those a window covering specialist such as Ruffell & Brown can supply.

Pros and Cons of Motorized Blinds

There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing automated blinds and shades:

Pros of Smart Blinds:

  • Convenience. Remote control blinds give you back the time you would spend adjusting the blinds to get the right amount of sunlight.
  • Efficiency. Many types of smart blinds can be programmed to open and close at certain times, using a home automation app and your smartphone.
  • Safety. Motorized shades cancel out the cords and dangling chains used by standard blinds. This prevents damage to the blinds and possible accidents from happening to pets and small children.
  • Security. Since many smart blinds can be pre-programmed or operated from a distance, the moving blinds can give would-be intruders the impression that someone is home even when they aren’t.
  • Less wear and tear. Pulling cords the wrong way, or not grabbing a rollup blind in the middle, can result in undue wear and tear. Motorized blinds remove the need for physical touch, which results in less damage.
  • Wide range of options. Smart window coverings come in a great variety of power types and styles and in a cost range that ensures you’ll be able to find something to fit your budget.

Cons of Smart Blinds:

  • Power source needed. Even battery-operated motorized blinds require electricity at some point. If your home’s power fails, you may not be able to open your blinds to let light in from outside.
  • Cost. Even though you can choose a lower-cost motorized blind, or go with a DIY automation kit, every available option will still cost more than manually operated blinds.
  • Technology. Since home automation is still relatively new, there may be people who are not comfortable with using an app to control any aspect of their home. In addition, if the app experiences technical difficulties, you may be forced to find another way to control your blinds.
  • Repairs. When motorized blinds aren’t functioning right, they often require a professional to repair them.

Committing to Motorized Blinds

Motorized and smart blinds are a good investment as they are durable and long-lasting. When window coverings are installed by an experienced company and used correctly, you can expect them to last for many, many years. 

Motorized blinds are not subjected to the same kinds of stress as manual blinds, so they do not wear out as fast. 

Ruffell & Brown window covering centre in Victoria, BC offers many motorized window coverings that can be fully customized to your preferred style.

If you want to add smart or motorized blinds to your home, drop into our showroom on Bridge Street, or contact us today. Our expert staff will help you find the best motorized blinds for your needs.


Bay Window Curtains & Blinds and Other Bay Window Coverings

How to Choose the Best Window Treatment for Bay Windows

Bay windows are a beautiful architectural feature on any home, but finding bay window curtains and blinds that fit well can sometimes be tricky. 

The good news is, there are lots of options for bay window blinds and other bay window coverings that will offer the light control and privacy you desire while flattering the unique shape of your bay windows.

Whether you prefer something unobtrusive and simple or would prefer a window covering that adds a bolder decorative design element, there is a bay window treatment option for every style.

What’s The Best Window Treatment for Bay Windows?

Bay windows are uniquely shaped, featuring three sides that project out from the wall of the building. Bay windows usually consist of one main, or picture, window and two side windows that are most commonly angled at 45 or 90 degrees, creating a nook, or ‘bay’.

The best window coverings for bay windows should fit within the bay itself to emphasize the unique shape while still maximizing privacy.

Read on for more information about the best window treatments for bay windows.

Venetian Blinds for Bay Windows

Venetian blinds are the most classic of all window treatments and many people favour them over other types of window coverings. Venetian blinds are a good option for bay windows because:

  • They are elegant and simple in design: This makes it easy for them to fit perfectly in any room, regardless of decor. 
  • They are available in different materials: Choose from aluminum, wood or anything else that suits your decor needs.
  • They offer complete light control: You can choose how much light is let into a room by adjusting the angles of the slats. Keep them fully open to fully closed or anything in between.
  • They balance letting in light with maintaining privacy: You can keep your blinds partially open and remain unseen by the outside world.
  • They are effortless to clean: Simply wipe the slats down occasionally with a damp cloth to get rid of dust or debris.

Roller Blinds/Shades for Bay Windows

Roller blinds (also called roller shades) are made of sheet fabric that rolls up around a tube situated at the top of the window. Super easy to operate, you can choose exactly where you want the blind to be positioned.

Roller blinds are ideal for bay windows because:

  • It is easy to control light and privacy.
  • They fit neatly into the bay window frame. Usually, one blind is used for each side of the bay, although if your picture window is particularly wide you can opt for two or three smaller roller blinds.
  • A huge variety of fabric colours and designs are available for roller blinds including sheer or light blocking.

Draperies and Curtains for Bay Windows

Drapes or curtains are a great way to dress bay windows while retaining your personal style or highlighting the decor of the room. 

They are an aesthetically pleasing and versatile option for bay windows because:

  • Drapery fabric is available in many colours, designs and textures, from sheer and floaty to heavy and warm allowing you to pick a style that suits you.
  • Curtains can accommodate the shape of a bay window well. Use a curved curtain rod to allow the fabric to frame the bay so the shape is still visible even when the drapes are closed.
  • Alternatively, drapes can be used only in the corners of the bay as a design accent.

If you are considering curtains for your bay window, remember to get enough panels to cover all the sides.

Roman Shades for Bay Windows

Roman shades add a decorative touch to any window and are able to easily accommodate the unique design of a bay window.  

  • They frame large bay windows nicely.
  • They come in different textures so can create a visual contrast or blend into a current decorative theme.
  • They are customizable: Add options such as interlining, blackout lining, decorative trimmings and edge accents to create a unique shade.

You can choose between different types of Roman shades, such as classic, hobbled or relaxed, which all provide a different look, whether you want something elegant and traditional or prefer a more contemporary finish. 

Soft Vertical Blinds for Bay Windows

Soft vertical blinds are the perfect marriage between the convenience of vertical blinds and the elegance of soft drapery folds. Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds have curved vanes that look great on any window and offer exceptional sound absorption, elegant styling and translucency to let in natural light.

Vertical blinds work well for bay windows because:

  • They can be fitted to accommodate the angled sides for maximum light and privacy control.
  • It is easy to control the vanes on each side independently for privacy and light control where you want it.
  • Vertical blinds suit short and full-length windows well and are easy to operate and clean.

What to Consider When Choosing Bay Window Coverings

There is a lot to consider when choosing which type of window treatment you want for your bay windows, but the following advice will make it easier: 

  • Let your window coverings frame the bay: Avoid cluttering the bay or obstructing the view.
  • Mount your drapery high: Mount along the return walls of the bay window for a better fall and finish.
  • Avoid exposed cords: The Government of Canada has officially banned the use of cords on all blinds, draperies and shades in order to adhere to child and pet safety standards.
  • Choose an expert service provider for your window treatment needs: Ruffell & Brown Window Covering Centre can help you make the right choice when adding a window covering to your bay windows. 

Ruffell and Brown, based in Victoria, BC offers a wide selection of drapes, blinds and other window treatments for all the windows in your home, including bay windows.

Book an appointment today and we’ll come right to you for an in-home consultation to discuss all the options available to you.

Bamboo Shades and Blinds – A Natural Way to Shade Your Windows

Why Bamboo Blinds Are a Charming and Eco-Friendly Choice for Your Home 

A space with amazing natural lighting is one thing, but there’s something ethereal about sunlight softly filtering in through a bamboo shade or blind. These sustainable window coverings are a natural way to gently filter sunlight and are the preferred option for famous designers such as Joanne Gaines and Charles Correa. Bamboo shades create a bright and airy space and they also add warmth and natural beauty to your interior design. 

Whether you want to maximize natural light or introduce more texture into your home, bamboo shades and blinds might be the perfect solution. 

Let’s explore what makes bamboo shades so popular, the benefits they offer, and why they’re the ultimate choice for chic yet eco-conscious homes. 

Do Bamboo Blinds Block the Sun?

Bamboo shades are typically favoured for their ability to enhance natural light. The fibres of this eco-friendly material naturally soften sunshine before allowing it to slip through. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to forego bamboo blinds entirely if you enjoy sleeping in or prefer a darker aesthetic. 

Here are a few ways that bamboo blinds can stop more light from passing through your windows. 

  • While the bamboo material is not designed to shut out light on its own, you can opt for bamboo shades with a lining. We offer a wide selection of bamboo shades and blinds with blackout lining that can block out the sun.
  • Choose bamboo shades with a thicker weave style. Thicker woven wood shades are more likely to prevent sunlight from sneaking into your home.
  • Pair your bamboo shades with thick curtains. This gives you greater control over the amount of natural light in your home. 

Some alternative and additional window treatments to fully block out the sun include: 

  • Wood/Vinyl Shutters 
    • For ultimate control over the lighting in your home, shutters are the best window treatments. 
    • Similar to bamboo blinds, shutters are a green option because they are energy efficient. In the summer, they can reduce the amount of heat from the sun that enters your home. 
  • Venetian Blinds 
    • These classic and durable window treatments are an effective way to keep the sun out. 
    • Wood Venetian blinds are also energy efficient. They prevent heat from escaping during the winter season and from entering your space during the summer months.
  • Blackout Draperies 
    • When used in combination with bamboo blinds, draperies not only add dimension to your space but are also an effective way to block the sun. 

Can People See Through Bamboo Blinds? 

A light-filled room can look beautiful and inviting, but you may not be willing to sacrifice your privacy for it. The good news is there’s no need to compromise. It is possible to enhance natural light and protect your privacy at the same time with bamboo shades. 

Bamboo blinds without lining offer some level of privacy during the daytime. However, they become transparent at night. 

Fortunately, bamboo shades with privacy lining can obstruct the view inside your home from the outside. Although they allow less natural light in comparison to bamboo fibres alone, they offer significantly more privacy. 

Are Bamboo Shades Good? The 5 Benefits of Bamboo Blinds

There’s a reason why a growing number of designers and homeowners are choosing bamboo shades for their windows. Here are five advantages of these natural woven wood shades. 

1. Bamboo shades are good for the environment

    • Bamboo is one of the most durable and sustainable materials available. It grows quickly, requires little water, and is 100% biodegradable. 
    • Since they are made with a highly renewable resource, bamboo shades are an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious. 

2. They enhance natural light

    • Designers and homeowners are often drawn to this shade because it interferes the least with natural lighting. 
    • Since bamboo fibres naturally filter sunlight, bamboo blinds can create the impression of an airy and bright home.

3. Bamboo blinds are easy to incorporate into the design of your home

    • Their earthy colour and texture accentuate the natural beauty of your home. 
    • Indoor plants, handcrafted solid wood furniture, and neutral tones are simple ways to complement the appearance of bamboo shades. 
    • Bamboo blinds are versatile. At Ruffell & Brown, we carry a huge variety of bamboo shades and finishes to match your home style and decor.

4. They can be customized with linings that offer privacy or block out the sun 

    • For those who love the design appeal of bamboo shades but dislike their transparency, linings are a great solution. 
    • Bamboo blinds with blackout lining provide complete protection from sun exposure. 
    • Bamboo blinds with privacy lining invite some natural light into your home but hinder visibility from the outside.

5. Bamboo shades and blinds are easy to maintain 

    • A weekly dusting with a feather duster or vacuum brush is sufficient to keep your natural woven shades in pristine condition. 
    • Avoid using rough materials and harsh chemicals on your bamboo blinds to preserve their natural colour. 

How To Choose the Perfect Bamboo Shades for Your Home

Whether your home exudes a modern rustic style or a look of classic elegance, the right bamboo shade will enhance any interior design. When choosing the best bamboo shades for your space, consider the following questions:

Does light control matter to you? 

    • If natural light is welcome into your home anytime, you’ll love bamboo shades on their own. 
    • On the other hand, opt for bamboo shades with a blackout lining or combine the shades with other window coverings such as blackout draperies to maximize light control. 

How important is your privacy? 

    • The fibres of bamboo blinds on their own offer little to no privacy at night. This may not be a concern for office and retail spaces, but can be disconcerting for most homeowners. 
    • To protect your privacy, choose bamboo shades with privacy lining. This gives you the advantage of bamboo blinds without its main drawback. It filters some sunlight in during the daytime and protects your privacy at night. 

Which style and features appeal to you most?

    • In addition to choosing a colour or texture, you can customize the banding, valance height, lift system, and more of your bamboo shades. 

At Ruffell & Brown, we are proud to offer an extensive and affordable collection of bamboo shades and blinds as well as many other types of shades to meet your needs, including roller shades and cellular shades. We can help you choose the perfect set of bamboo shades and even help pair them with blackout lining and/or draperies. 

To help you choose the perfect natural shades for your windows, our knowledgeable team of decorators can bring samples straight to your door.  

Don’t hesitate to drop by our showroom in Victoria, BC or book a free shop-at-home appointment today.

Patio Door Window Coverings

Enhance Your Patio Door With These Window Treatment Options

Looking for blinds for your patio door? Or maybe some other type of patio door window coverings

Sliding glass doors and patio doors are fantastic features for your home. They conveniently lead guests from your kitchen, living room, or dining room onto your back patio or deck.

Busy families with pets or outdoor seating should choose a quality patio door window covering that is durable and a functional fit for their sliding glass door. If summers are too hot for you, you might want to look at sliding glass door window coverings that keep out unwanted heat…which can help save energy too. 

So, what are the best blinds or coverings for your sliding glass doors and patio doors?

With so many choices available, it can be an overwhelming decision!

The best way to narrow down what you want is to find the patio door blinds or window coverings that suit your needs, style, and budget. 

Your Choice of Window Coverings for Patio or Sliding Glass Doors

There are several types of window treatments to choose from for your sliding glass and patio doors:

  • Shutters
  • Panel track blinds
  • Drapes or curtains

With so many colours, patterns, and textures to choose from, how do you decide which is best for your home?

Tips For Finding the Right Window Treatment

  • Match your window coverings with your décor

While honeycomb shades are one of the best options to choose from, if your other window coverings are drapes or wood, it might not be the right choice. Unless you replace all of your window coverings with honeycomb shades.

  • Easy to use

If your patio door gets a lot of foot traffic, it’s a good idea to choose a window covering that won’t hinder movement or partially block your path.

  • Having light control and privacy control

Does your patio door happen to face the street or a neighbour’s property? Keep that nosy neighbour out of your sight with an opaque patio door window covering. 

If your patio door is in a bedroom or living room that doubles as a home theatre, you’ll want to consider blackout fabric options

If you’d rather let the light in than protect privacy, sheer curtains can be the right choice. 

  • What direction does your patio door face?

If your sliding glass door faces due south, it’s letting in the maximum amount of natural light during the day. In the summertime, that’s less than ideal.

During the winter, it can be a benefit. The sunlight can create a passive heating effect in that room.

Regardless, acquiring thermal insulated curtains or cellular shades is the best choice here. 

  • Find the right lift system you need

Did you know all window coverings in Canada  have officially gone cordless?

As of May 1, 2022, the Government of Canada is not allowing any blinds, draperies, or shades with any exposed cord of any kind to be sold in Canada. 

Child and pet safety has always been a top priority at Ruffell & Brown. This is why we have a great selection of cordless and motorized lift systems available for your patio door window coverings.

  • Fit into your budget

Your patio door window treatments should not only fit into your décor but fit into your budget as well.

Whatever you choose, make sure it’s the best choice for your sliding glass door.

Vertical Shades for Sliding Glass Doors

One of our most popular products, the Duette® Honeycomb Shades offers superior energy-efficiency. These are the perfect choice for extreme climates. 

Duette® comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors, patterns, and textures. 

For greater energy efficiency, choose Duette Architella® Shades. Its honeycomb within a honeycomb design creates a bigger layer of insulation for your patio door. 

If you’re looking for a more common window treatment, perhaps vertical blinds for your sliding glass door are the right choice. 

Two popular products in this line are the Skyline® Gliding Window Panels and Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds.

Both of these choices offer a wide range of colours, textures, and styles to compliment your décor.

Discreet Window Treatment Ideas for Your Sliding Glass Door curtains for sliding glass doors

Luminette® Privacy Sheers can offer the best of both worlds with sheer drapes and vertical blinds. Its soft fabric design can diffuse natural light and create a soft ambiance in any room. 

With hundreds of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, these can work perfectly for patio doors and other wide expanses of windows in your home. 

If the fabric isn’t your style, perhaps wood-woven shades are. This can offer a one-of-a-kind, organic feel to your home.

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Provenance® Woven Wood Shades is that the natural wood can be durable against harsher weather conditions.

Patio Door Shutters or Draperies? patio door shutters

If the area you live in experiences high heat or humidity, hybrid or non-wood shutters can a good choice for your patio doors. Palm Beach™ Polysatin™ Shutters are durable enough to stand up to high heat and humidity. 

With many design options to choose from, they’re guaranteed to never warp, crack, fade, chip, peel, or discolour from harsh temperatures. 

While draperies can look stylish on their own, you can also pair them with another window treatment for a truly unique look in your home. 

Pairing your choice of window treatment with our signature fabric can create an elegant feel for your home.

With your choice of many patterns, textures, and styles to choose from, this can provide extra privacy and light control in any room. 

Find the Perfect Window Treatment

Much like anything home-related, the biggest question you need to ask yourself is:

What look are you going for?

Are you looking for a laid-back, chic, or minimalist vibe? Perhaps you’re looking for a contemporary, boho, rustic, or industrial look?

When it comes to choosing patio door window treatments, the choice is yours!

At Ruffell & Brown, our dedicated staff has been serving satisfied customers since 1987 from our Victoria, BC, showroom

Contact us today for more information about patio door window coverings and so much more.

Window Coverings Officially Going Cordless

New Requirements for Corded Window Coverings – What You Need to Know

As we covered last year, cordless window coverings are here to stay and will become the only option for personalizing and beautifying your windows and doors.

As of May 1 of 2022, the Government of Canada will not allow any blinds, draperies, or shades with an exposed cord of any kind to be sold in Canada. 

The reason? Safety. Child safety and pet safety are of utmost importance. In this article, we’ll cover what these new regulations for corded window coverings mean and how manufacturers and retailers like Ruffell & Brown will adapt to these changes. We’ll also cover which products are changing and which are being officially retired.

New Corded Window Coverings Regulations in Canada

With window covering regulations changing on May 1, 2022,  many products will be affected. 

The rules regarding cords and small parts on corded windows will have to be modified to meet these new standards. This means that many products will have to be replaced or adjusted, and a select few will have to be discontinued completely. 

Our most popular manufacturer, Hunter Douglas, will stop accepting orders for discontinued products by April 15, 2022.

Starting on April 16, they will not be accepting orders for products that do not meet these new window covering standards. 

For a business to successfully grow, it needs to change with modern times. This is why the safety of consumer products needs to be taken seriously. 

That can be a challenge in any industry, but finding the right solution is what separates an industry leader from the rest. At Ruffell & Brown, we’ve been preparing for these changes for many months and are confident that these new regulations for window coverings will not affect our business or the satisfaction of our consumers.

What Window Coverings Are Changing?

The following products will be replaced with more innovative designs. These intelligently designed products meet new window covering standards while retaining all the beauty and convenience that you’d expect from us.


Duette® & Applause® Top-Down/Bottom-Up


Duette & Applause Duolite® is now available in larger sizes. For improved view-through, Duette will offer a brand new ClearView® sheer for Canada only.



UltraGlide® with Cord Operation for:

  • Designer Screen Shades
  • Designer Roller Shades
  • Designer Banded Shades
  • Provenance® Woven Wood Shades
  • Design Studio™ Roman Shades
  • Solera® Shades
  • Alustra® Woven Textures® Roller & Roman Shades
  • Silhouette® Window Shadings
  • Nantucket™ Window Shadings
  • Pirouette® Window Shadings
  • Vignette®

Cord Operation will be replaced by UltraGlide with Wand Operation.



Luminette® SofTrak™ Hardware System


The new Luminette® hardware system has been completely redesigned for each of the three operating systems: Combination Wand/Cord, Traveling Wand, and PowerView®.The Combination Wand/Cord will have a Concealed Control when in a static position.



Designer Roller Shades, Designer Screen Shades, and Alustra Woven Textures Roller Shades with Custom Clutch and Clutch Operation


Custom Clutch and Clutch Operated shades will have a Concealed Control when in a static position.



Parkland® Wood Blinds, EverWood® Alternative Wood Blinds, and 2″ Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds:

  • Cordlock
  • LiteRise®
  • SimpleLift™
  • PowerView Automation
  • SimpleLift with PowerView Automation

An entirely new operating system, SpringRise™, has been designed for horizontals. This system keeps the bottom rail under constant tension and is held down at the bottom of the window with hold-down brackets.

Tilt will be controlled by a wand only. To raise the blind, simply release the bottom rail from the bracket and guide the blind upward as it automatically raises to the fully lifted position.

While these changes may seem overwhelming, our team of professionals at Ruffell & Brown will guide you every step of the way. 

What Window Coverings Are Discontinued?

These window coverings may be missed, but it’s important to know when to retire products that can’t be replaced or meet new safety standards.

The following products will be discontinued as of April 15, 2022. 

Alustra Woven Textures Roman Shades:

  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up
  • Cordlock Operating System
  • EasyRise™ Operating System

Alustra Woven Textures Roller Shades: 

Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds 

  • Cord and Wand Control
  • Cord and Chain Control

Design Studio

  • Roman Shades with EasyRise Operating System
  • Drapery with PowerView Automation
  • Drapery with Cord Control
  • Roller Shades with Custom Clutch

Designer Banded Shades

  • Custom Clutch Operating System

Designer Roller & Designer Screen Shades

  • Hardwired Somfy Motorization
  • Designer Screen Patio Shades
  • Blockout System with Custom Clutch

Duette & Applause Honeycomb Shades

  • Top-Down Design Option
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up Design Option
  • All ⅜” pleat fabrics
  • EasyRise Lift System
  • SkyLift™
  • Operable Sidelights
  • Simplicity™
  • EasyView® Arch (*stationary specialty shapes remain available)
  • TrackGlide™ Standard ¼” Track (*Extended track remains available)
  • Cut-Outs

EverWood Alternative Wood Blinds

  • Cord tilt
  • Cut-outs
  • Decorative tapes
  • de-Light™ light and privacy feature
  • Multiple blinds on one headrail

Modern Precious Metals Aluminum Blinds

  • ½″ slat size
  • 1″ slat size (.006 and .008 gauges)
  • 2″ Reveal® with MagnaView®
  • Cord tilt
  • Cut-outs
  • Decorative tapes
  • de-Light light and privacy feature
  • MagnaView tilt feature
  • Multi-color blinds
  • Multiple blinds on one headrail

Parkland Wood Blinds

  •  Cord tilt
  •  Cut-outs
  •  Decorative tapes
  •  de-Light light and privacy feature
  •  Multiple blinds on one headrail
  •  Operable specialty shapes

Pirouette Window Shadings

  • EasyRise Lift System

Provenance Woven Wood Shades

  • Cordlock Operating System
  • EasyRise Operating System
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up
  • Vertical Drapery with Cord Control

Silhouette & Nantucket Window Shadings

  • EasyRise Lift System

Skyline® Gliding Window Panels & Alustra Woven Textures Skyline Panels

  • Cord Control
  • Returns on Sleek Metal Valance 
  • Box Valance
  • Room Divider Kit

Solera Soft Shades 

  • EasyRise Operating System
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up

Somner® Custom Vertical Blinds & Vertical Solutions® Vertical Blinds

  • Cord and Wand Control
  • Cord and Chain Control
  • Fabric Vanes with Bottom Chains
  • Motorized Tilt Only
  • Vertical Specialty All Systems

Vignette Modern Roman Shades

  • Stacking Style – All Operating Systems
  • Rolling Style with EasyRise Lift System
  • Rolling Style UltraGlide and EasyRise Two-On-One Headrail

Child Safety Tips For Window Coverings

If you haven’t made the switch to cordless window coverings yet, it may be time to do so. After all, keeping your children safe is a top priority. 

In the meantime, if you do have corded window coverings in your home, here are some helpful safety tips:

  • Make sure all cribs, beds, furniture, and toys are moved away from windows and window cords
  • Keep window cords well out of reach of children
  • Install a tie-down device or cord cleats up high on the wall
  • Remove any dangling cords by making pull cords as short as possible
  • Permanently anchor continuous-looped bead chains and cords
  • Ensure that cord stops are installed properly
  • Adjust the limit in the movement of inner lift cords

Adapting to Safer Window Treatments

Keeping your children and pets safe in your home gives you ultimate peace of mind. At the same time, our vast selection of custom window and door coverings offer the best of convenience and style.

At Ruffell & Brown Window Covering Centre, our team of design experts will help you find the best window coverings for your interior space that also comply with the new Health Canada corded window covering regulations. Explore our incredible selection of stylish products, and inquire about professional installation. 

For more information about cordless window coverings and so much more, come visit our Victoria showroom or book a free consultation today!