5 Bathroom Window Coverings for Every Style: From Classic to Modern

How to Choose Bathroom Window Treatments That are Both Attractive and Functional

When it comes to choosing bathroom window coverings, the key is to look for something that is durable and functional and that complements your existing décor.

Bathrooms are one of the rooms in your home where your choice of window decoration can make a big impact on the overall style. Generally, unless you are looking to do a big renovation, you are stuck with the fixtures and furniture your bathroom came with, so changing your window blinds is one thing you can do to stamp your flair on the room.

Bathroom window treatments need to do more than look good, though. Good bathroom window coverings should also provide:

  • Resistance to damp
  • Durability
  • Privacy
  • Light Control

Ensure your bathroom window coverings are functional and look good by using an expert in custom design and fitting, such as Ruffell and Brown.

Read on for more information about how to choose bathroom window coverings and the best options to suit your bathroom style.

What Makes a Bathroom Window Unique to Cover?

Bathroom windows have some unique characteristics that make them different to dress than other windows in the home:

  • Size: They are usually smaller in size, so require a covering that doesn’t overwhelm them. 
  • Environmental conditions: A bathroom is warm and damp a lot of the time, so any window covering must be resistant to water damage.
  • Privacy: Bathrooms are one place where privacy is vital. No one wants their neighbour to see into this room. 
  • Light: Natural light is useful when applying makeup or other products. Finding a window treatment that balances light and privacy is ideal.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bathroom Window Covering

If you want to choose the right bathroom window treatment, make sure to consider the following points:

  • How big is your bathroom, and does it have good airflow? Fabric blinds are susceptible to dampness, so are best used in larger bathrooms or those with fitted extractor fans only.
  • Where is the bathroom window positioned? Is it next to the bath or shower or above a heater? 
  • Is your bathroom window overlooked? If it is, privacy should be your priority. Looking for a more permanent privacy solution? Here are 8 ways to add privacy to a bathroom window.
  • Do you get direct natural light in your bathroom? Consider a shade that blocks glare while allowing filtered light through. 
  • Is your bathroom a place of function or a place for relaxation and self-care? Window coverings can help create the ambiance you prefer.

Bathroom Style Should Influence Window Covering Choice Too

Is your bathroom simple, with clean lines and pale colours, or do you have rich wood cabinets and decorative metallic accents? 

The fixtures and fittings of a bathroom are not as easy to change as the accessories are, so it’s important that you choose a style of window covering that complements your current bathroom style. 

For bathroom window covering style inspiration, check out these bathroom window treatment ideas from Hunter Douglas

Of course, you also want a window covering that is practical and can hold up to the unique demands of a bathroom environment. Read on to see our top 5 recommended window treatments that are durable enough for a bathroom and the decor styles we believe complement the best.

5 Types of Bathroom Window Coverings to Suit Every Style

Best window coverings for bathrooms are those which are made from durable materials. Stay away from real wood and thicker absorbent fabrics to avoid damp-related damage. 

To help you choose the right bathroom blinds for your home, we have rounded up our top 5 recommended window covering styles for bathrooms:

  1. Venetian Blinds (faux wood) – Such as Hunter Douglas Everwood Alternative Wood Blinds 

These blinds have horizontal louvers which can be adjusted for good privacy and light control. The simple, timeless style of Venetian blinds suits modern, contemporary and classic bathroom décor so you really can’t go wrong with this choice.

  1. Shutters (vinyl) – such as Hunter Douglas Palm Beach Polysatin Shutters

Custom-fitted shutters provide maximum privacy and can stand up well to the extreme conditions of a bathroom.  Shutters add a touch of class to both traditional and coastal-inspired décor, complementing features like roll-top baths and exposed pipes.

  1. Roller Shades – such as Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades

Available in an array of fabric colours and patterns, roller blinds look great in small and simple bathrooms, as they don’t overwhelm the window or room. 

To ensure nighttime privacy, choose a dense fabric or upgrade to the DuoLite system, which combines two fabrics, one light filtering and one room darkening, in a single shade.

  1. Roman Blinds – such as Hunter Douglas Design Studio Roman Shades

Roman shades are perfect for adding a pop of warmth and colour to a classically styled bathroom, although they also complement a farmhouse or cottage style. Primarily more decorative than functional, they provide good privacy when fully lowered. Avoid heavier fabrics that are more prone to dampness.

  1. Woven Natural Fabric Shades – such as Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood Shades

Natural fibres such as bamboo, grasses and jute are a good choice for bathrooms as they are naturally resistant to humidity. Woven fabrics allow in filtered natural light while retaining privacy day and night. They create a zen-like ambiance that works best in nature-inspired, spa-like bathrooms.  

Ruffell and Brown – Victoria’s Bathroom Window Covering Experts 

At Ruffell and Brown, we understand that it can be difficult to decide which window covering is right for your bathroom. That’s why our team of window fashion experts is here to help. 

We can help guide you to the right style and design of blind, shade or shutter to best meet the functional needs of your bathroom as well as elevate the décor.

Our help doesn’t end in the bathroom either. Ruffell and Brown have been providing window covering solutions to families in the Victoria, BC, area for decades. Contact us or drop by our showroom today for a no-obligation conversation about your window coverings needs.

Dual Roller Shades: The Best of Both Worlds

Why Dual Roller Shades are a Good Choice for Any Room

Dual Roller Shades are a good choice if you’re looking for window coverings that offer light filtering during the day and privacy at night.

When deciding how to dress your windows, you shouldn’t have to choose between light or privacy, but this can be the case with some blinds.

The problem is that one fabric window covering can’t work for all purposes and situations. For example:

  • Sheer shades that keep out the harsh sun in the day become see-through as soon as an internal light is turned on at night
  • Black-out blinds may keep you asleep all night, but when you open them in the morning, the neighbours can see right into your bedroom

It’s not surprising many people are choosing to switch to dual roller shades, which offer the best of both worlds in one shade.

Read on for more about how dual roller shades work, why they are a good choice for any room and some of the options you can choose from.

What is a Dual Roller Shade and How do they Work?

Dual Roller Shades are like two blinds in one. 

They feature two roller shades made of different fabrics, one positioned in front of the other on the same headrail.  Each shade is operated independently from the other, with its own controls. They work like regular roller blinds – each can be lowered or raised to your desired position. Use them with just one shade lowered, both lowered or both raised.

The thing that makes dual roller shades unique is that each shade is made from different opacity of fabric, so the back layer of material can be light-blocking or blackout, while the front can be light filtering or decorative.

Because of this variation in fabric, you can easily switch between different levels of light control and privacy as the day progresses. This makes them ideal for most rooms in the house, but especially:

  • Bedrooms
  • Nurseries
  • Offices
  • Living rooms
  • Movie rooms

Dual roller shades are more than just functional, though. By choosing a fabric colour, texture or design that compliments your room décor, they can be an attractive focal point too.

What are the Benefits of Dual Roller Shades?

Real Light Control

The fabric for both shades can be chosen as anything from lightly filtering to room darkening.

Choosing a more translucent fabric for your front layer provides some sun filtering and privacy during the day but allows you to still be able to see outside, so you don’t feel cut off from the world.

By using a room darkening shade as the back layer, you can effectively block out light at night time, which is particularly useful in bedrooms or if you want to watch a movie.

Lower the decorative front layer down, and you still get the aesthetic benefits of your window covering.

Blocks UV Damage

Choose a sheer or solar shade as your top layer to block out damaging UV rays. Sustained exposure to UV rays through a window can lead to damage and fading of furniture and wooden floors.

Installing UV-blocking window coverings like sheer shades is considered one of the top 5 ways to protect your home from sun damage. 

Privacy All Day and Night 

Balancing the benefits of natural light with the desire for privacy can be difficult, but that’s where dual roller blinds excel in functionality. During the day, a sheer or textured front shade will allow gentle light into the room but block any view into your home from the outside.

At night time, when you turn internal lights on, simply draw the back shade – which can be light-blocking – for complete privacy.

Attractive and Decorative

Dual roller blinds are available in a huge range of stylish fabrics. Whether you prefer something modern and minimal, want a natural textured finish, or like a bold pattern, there’s something for every taste.

The roller mechanisms sit within one casing that can be fitted within the window frame for a sleek and non-obtrusive finish. This also makes it easy to add curtains or drapes for additional decoration.

More Cost-Effective 

Thanks to their simple design, roller shades can be more cost-effective than other window covering options. Of course, it depends on the fabrics and finishes chosen, so it’s best to discuss your options with the expert team at Ruffell and Brown

Easy To Control 

Dual roller blinds are easy to control with simple and safe cord-free wands. Each layer of shade has its own wand, so they can be controlled independently.

There are also motorized control options that allow you to control both layers with the touch of a remote control button. You can also link controls to your home smart hub and control the blinds by voice control – ideal for those with mobility issues.

The Options are Endless with Dual Roller Shades

With the huge range of fabrics available for dual roller shades, you can choose colours, patterns and textures that complement your current décor or something that stands out and catches the eye. Natural fabrics such as woven textures are also available that give a more relaxed finish.

Keep the colour of your front panel neutral for a modern, unobtrusive look, or combine your roller blinds with curtains for a practical but cozy finish.

Suitable for most window sizes, the options are almost endless.

Ensure a Perfect Fit with Custom Dual Roller Shades from Ruffell and Brown

When you are looking for a window covering which is functional and attractive, consider custom dual roller blinds from Ruffell and Brown. Our window covering design experts will help you identify the fabrics that will bring the most benefit to your lifestyle and complement the style of your home.

Visit our showroom in Victoria, BC, to see examples of the many fabric options we offer for dual roller shades. Don’t forget to check out our other window covering options, such as draperies that pair well with roller blinds.

Drop in or contact us today to find out more.


Sheer Brilliance: Window Sheers That Will Light Up Your Home

Why You Should Consider Sheer Curtains

Consider sheer shades or sheer draperies if you’re looking for a window covering that is timeless, fresh and bright. 

Sheers are window coverings made from light, fine, semi-translucent fabric that diffuses harsh sunlight yet still allows a view of the outside.

Sheer drapes come in a range of natural and neutral colours that bring a sleek, contemporary and appealing look to any room. Modern window sheers are versatile and protect your furniture and floors from UV rays and daytime privacy. Some sheer shade options can even retain the majority of privacy when it’s dark outside.

Read on to explore sheer window covering options and learn why they are a good choice for your home.

Types of Window Sheers

Now, sheers are available as draperies, shades and blinds and each style offers all the benefits of sheer window coverings.

Sheer Draperies

Panels of thin, polyester material in various colours which are used to dress a window, sheer draperies are often used more for aesthetics than function. They can be used alone or combined with secondary treatments or heavier drapes for a dimensional layered look.

Sheer draperies can be made as stationary panels for softness and dimension, or as full closing to allow for ambient light and daytime privacy/UV control, creating a light and airy look. 

Sheer curtains can also be used elsewhere around the house – these 6 practical and beautiful ways to use sheer draperies around your home will offer some inspiration.

Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are the perfect blend of the versatility of a blind, with the elegance of a drapery. Tilting fabric vanes are backed by, or suspended between, sheets of sheer material. What results is the ultimate answer to a desire for privacy while still enjoying some natural light.

The vanes work similarly to regular blinds in that they can be tilted open to allow a complete view through or fully closed for optimum privacy and light control. The difference with sheer shades is that no matter how open the vanes are, there are always one or two layers of sheer fabric that soften the light and prevent anyone outside from seeing in.

Options for sheer shades include:

  • Pirouette from Hunter Douglas – Soft fabric vanes are attached to a single sheer backing layer, giving the appearance of a Roman shade but with the additional softening and light filtering from the backing that can open like a blind.
  • Silhouette from Hunter Douglas – Unique S-shaped vanes are suspended between two sheets of sheer material resulting in a very soft and subtle look that gives the impression of folds in drapery. Available as horizontal or vertical shades.
  • Designer Banded from Hunter Douglas – Sheer and solid fabrics are layered, giving a  beautifully modern look while offering privacy and light control. Can be opened or closed like a roller blind. 

Sheer Blinds

Your window coverings expert can give more advice on which styles of blinds can best support sheer fabric.

One style of sheer blind that is a cross between a sheer panel and a vertical blind is the Luminette privacy sheer from Hunter Douglas. Internal fabric vanes and sheer backing material filter sunlight and the vertical style is perfect for doors and full-height windows.

The Benefits of Choosing Window Sheers

Whichever style of window sheer you prefer, they all offer the same advantages and bring together some very beneficial reasons why you should use them.

UV protection

Continued exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause damage such as fading and warping of flooring or furniture. This article by Seasons in Colour explains in more detail why the sun is bad for your home interiors.

Clear window glass can let in as much as 70% of the sun’s UV rays, so any furniture or flooring in the vicinity of uncovered windows is vulnerable to damage. Simply adding sheer window coverings can filter up to 88% of UV rays and when sheer shades like Silhouette and Luminette are in a fully closed position they can block up to 99% of the damaging rays.


If your home can be seen by neighbours or is located on a public walkway or road, you may want privacy but still wish to retain some natural sunlight. When seen from the outside, sheer coverings create an opaque effect that diffuses daytime view into the home. After dark, the vanes on sheer shades offer complete privacy when fully closed.

Light control 

While UV protection is important, there are health benefits of sunlight exposure, such as an increase in serotonin that can improve mood and mental health.

Because luminous sheers allow gently filtered sunlight into your home at a level you can control, you can still feel all the benefits of natural light without the damage risks.

Of course, if you do want to block out the light, simply close the vanes partially or fully for significant room darkening.

Beautiful style choices for every room

Whichever style of window sheer you prefer, they all offer a delicate and appealing alternative to other window coverings. Suitable for use in all rooms of the home, they are available in a range of neutral colours that will complement any style.

Easy to operate

Thanks to their lightweight fabrics, sheer shades can benefit from cordless operating systems that don’t impact the finished look. The shades can be controlled with static or travelling wands, or smart automation can be utilized for operation and programming at the touch of a button.

Sheer Drapes and Shades to Light up Your Home from Ruffell and Brown

If you’re looking for sheer treatments for your home, look no further than Ruffell and Brown Window Coverings in Victoria, BC.

Proud suppliers and fitters of Hunter Douglas products, Ruffell & Brown can help you find the perfect custom window sheers for your home and needs. Pop into our showroom on Bridge Street or contact us today for more information.


Screen Roller Shades: The Choice for Indoor Solar Shades

How Screen Solar Shades Can Protect Your Home and Reduce Your Energy Bills

Indoor Solar Shades are a great way to block UV rays and heat, and create privacy while still allowing you to see outside. Because although there are times we might enjoy a puddle of sun by a window or door, most people want to be able to control the light and heat coming into their home.

Keeping your windows uncovered makes your home vulnerable to overexposure, both to sunlight and through a lack of privacy. To prevent this, consider installing solar shades on interior windows and glass doors.

There are a number of options when it comes to window shades that offer sun protection and privacy, but here we’ll be exploring why screen roller shades are the ideal choice for indoor solar shades, and the benefits they offer.

Which Types of Window Coverings Offer Good Solar Protection?

Thanks to the variety of materials available for window coverings, there are a number of options if you’re looking for a shade that offers solar protection.

These include:

  • Cellular / Honeycomb Shades – Available in sheer fabrics that allow in light while protecting privacy. Their closed cell shape is superior for insulating against hot or cold weather conditions.
  • Woven Wood Shades – Made from bamboo, rattan or grasses, these shades naturally filter light when closed. Linings can be added for more privacy.
  • Pleated Shades – folded horizontally in an accordion style, these shades are available with special backings that can block sunlight.
  • Sheer Shades – Feature sheer material with horizontal vanes, which can be tilted to close up and create more privacy and block UV rays.
  • Venetian Blinds – made from wood or metal, these classic blinds offer maximum light control but no UV protection when open.

Screen roller shades are another solar shade option to consider.

What’s The Difference Between Screen Roller Shades and Traditional Roller Shades? indoor solar shades

We all remember traditional roller shades, those made of a solid, opaque material with a decorative edging most often seen in the kitchens and bathrooms of our youth.

Today’s roller shades still consist of a length of material that wraps around a metal tube, but the materials available now are limitless and include high-tech solar screen mesh fabrics that block harmful UV rays.

Depending on the material chosen, a roller blind can:

  • Fully cover up your windows offering privacy and keeping all traces of sunlight out, with the use of a thicker or blackout material
  • Combat the sunlight and block UV rays without entirely blocking the view outside your window, with the use of a fine solar fabric.

Why are screen roller shades the best choice for indoor solar shades?

There are some benefits to screen solar shades that make them a great option when it comes to choosing UV-protecting window coverings for your home.


  • While solar shades are energy efficient, screen roller shades tend to be the most effective shield from the sun, keeping your room cooler during the hot summer months. 
  • They also insulate your home from cold external air in the winter
  • Not only do they help to create a comfortable environment year-round, but heating and cooling costs are reduced as well. 

Remember that the level of light and heat protection from screen roller shades depends on the size of the weave. Choose a material with a solar shade percentage that strikes the best balance between light and UV protection.

Reduced UV Light and Glare

  • Solar fabrics reduce glare and block out light, allowing you to see your television and other electronic screens without the hassle of a beam of sunlight breaking your vision. 
  • UV light can damage furniture and floors, causing fading and weakness with continued exposure.
  • Be mindful when choosing fabric colour for your screen roller shades, as this can also influence heat and light blockage. 
  • Lighter fabrics reflect more light compared to darker ones, so if you live in a sunny area and want to stay away from the glare, choose darker fabrics to block more light and heat. 
  • Lighter fabrics will brighten your space by letting in some natural light while still protecting you from the sun.

Provide Privacy

  • Traditional shades provide great privacy, but they also completely block out the sun and the view. 
  • Screen roller shades can prevent people from being able to see into your home, while still giving you the pleasure of some natural light without glare or harm from UV rays. 
  • When choosing your screen roller shades, opt for the tightest weave at 1% for the most privacy. 
  • Also consider the best of both worlds by layering screen roller shades with drapery to provide light filtering during the day and additional privacy at night.

Easy to Clean

  • Because screen roller shades are made of durable fabric, they’re easy to clean with a vacuum at a low setting, or can be spot cleaned with a mild soap solution. 
  • Roller blinds won’t collect as much dust and dirt as some styles of shades like venetian or roman.

Convenient Control

  • Screen roller shades are convenient because they’re easy to roll up or down depending on your needs.

Control options for screen roller shades include cordless lift and motorized systems, which make adjusting the blind level easy and fast.

  • If you’re craving more privacy, you can keep your screen roller shade down and add curtains over the top. 

Screen Roller Shades to Match Any Home Style

Screen roller shades have a clean and versatile design which matches well with any type of interior or exterior décor and can give any space an updated, modern look.

When choosing your screen roller shades, explore different fabrics while being mindful of the type of weaving you need to appropriately keep away UV light while locking in heat. 

Shade fabrics come in a variety of colours, patterns, textures and opacities.

Choose from different sheer fabrics that are airy and translucent, light-filtering fabrics that provide a soft outline of the outdoors, or dark fabrics that can dim your room significantly and keep out a lot of light.

Screen Roller Shades and More Solar Shade Options at Ruffell and Brown

At Ruffell & Brown, we will work with you to determine which indoor solar shades will work best for your needs and decor.

Contact us or stop by our showroom in Victoria, BC to see our display of window coverings including screen roller shades, as well as our solar shade material options. With the best selection of screen roller shades for your windows, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

Window Covering Inspiration For Every Room in Your Home

A Look at What’s Currently On-Trend in Window Covering Centre

At Ruffell & Brown, we know just how important and how overwhelming it can be to pick out new window treatments. There are so many options to choose from, and it can be hard to know where to begin.

Perhaps you have recently moved into a new home and want to update the existing blinds or window curtains to fit your style preference. Maybe you just need some inspiration for a new design as you redecorate your home. Whatever the case may be, in this post we’ll provide you with some lovely window covering inspirations for each room and window in your home. We can help dress with speciality sizes and shapes of windows, suggest products for your specific needs, coordinate with your colour palette and so much more.

Window Coverings in the Living Room 

When you think about window coverings and drapes, this is probably the first room to come to mind. This is understandable, as it is one of the main focal points in a home.

In the living room, it’s okay to be bold and choose a curtain with a dramatic design that makes a statement. Think of window dressings with rich, deep colours and a combination of cellular shades and long curtains. A combination or dual treatment like this will give you the ability to close either one layer or both layers. This way, the amount of light throughout the day can be easily controlled, and you’ll have privacy at night when it gets dark.

Soft, long draperies are a great way to go for the living room.

Some more tips:

  • If you’re looking for a softer, more subdued colour palette, look to nature to discover some beautiful earthy, green tones that go beautifully with neutral whites and creams.
  • Lush red drapes will make you feel like royalty.
  • Colour-match or use complementary colours for your shade and curtain duos. This is especially the case if you have a lot of patterns in the room already.
  • Monochromatic designs with blue and grey tones are currently trendy, along with pink and purple-hued curtains.
  • Still not sure? Breathable, translucent beige curtains and shutters are always a timeless, go-to look.
  • Natural materials with textural elements are always in style and provide a no-fuss look to your windows.

Window Coverings in the Kitchen 

In the kitchen, it’s always about classic neutrality with durability. After all, the kitchen is a frequently occupied space that can get busy and messy.

A great option is to go for wide-slat faux wood blinds. Traditional wood blinds can actually warp and start to deteriorate when they’re exposed to humidity, but faux wood blinds are made of composite PVC and can stand the wear and tear of everyday life in the kitchen, so you don’t have to worry. They can also be motorized and set to open and close at the click of a button or by voice command with a smart device.

Other tips:

  • For a quaint, countryside feel, opt for sky blue window shutters in the kitchen.
  • Lambrequins and valances can be great in a kitchen or dining room window to add drama and style.
  • For added depth and movement, consider a cotton fabric with alternating shapes—ie. alternating matte and sateen stripes.
  • Neutral beige or white walls with floral curtains add a summery, feminine touch.

Window Coverings in the Bathroom

Steam-proof! This is the most important element when selecting window coverings for your bathroom and laundry room, as they have to hold up against high humidity.

The best option? Pleated shades, as these will give you easy control of the light and privacy, while still being durable.

How about the bathtub or shower stall? If you’re tired of the same old shower curtain patterns, why not select a drapery panel to add a sense of fun, drama, or relaxation to your bathroom? Your one-of-a-kind shower curtain can be any size you like, whether you want it to float just above the bathtub or shower rim, or pool elegantly onto the floor. Pair it with a good quality magnetic shower curtain liner to keep it dry and protected.

As for the laundry room, aluminum blinds are practical while still providing a fresh aesthetic. They’re also a more affordable option in a room where the style of the windows may not be your first priority, unlike in the family room or living room. Cellular honeycomb shades are also a good choice, since they blend in well and can be easily dusted or vacuumed to be kept clean.

Window Coverings in the Bedroom

While aesthetic is important in this room, so is a good night’s sleep and privacy! The trick to this is to use multiple layers to achieve total darkness, as well as bring in natural light while enjoying optimal privacy.


  • Lined natural shades and patterned draperies can give you control of the levels of light and darkness while still being stylish.
  • Double-cell honeycomb shades will keep your room at an even temperature and stop you from getting too warm when the sun comes in.
  • For the kids’ rooms go for cordless or motorized blinds in a fun design or colour, or something neutral that can grow with them.

Window Coverings for your Home Office

You have a lot of leeway here, so this is where you can have fun and be creative again. Try ombre-style curtains, or an accent colour like green. Even black can go well against a desk and computer. If glare is an issue, go for Designer Roller Shades like the ones we offer from Hunter Douglas, as these will help tremendously and will also provide you with some style.

If you’re eager to find your new perfect window coverings, look no further than Ruffell & Brown. Whether you’re looking for functional vertical blinds, shades, or fancy and stylish drapes, we have it all here at our Ruffell & Brown Window Covering Centre. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable, always providing top-quality customer service, and we would be happy to help you find the window coverings of your dreams. Contact us today to book a free consultation with one of our experts, or stop by our showroom on Bridge Street in Victoria, BC. 

Window Coverings for Basement Windows

Basement Window Coverings Can Add Style 

Getting stylish window coverings for basement windows is not usually at the top of everyone’s to-do list. In fact, when we think of basements, what often comes to mind are images of cold, underutilized storage areas with low ceilings and minimal light.  Basements are one of the most commonly overlooked spaces in homes. They’re actually full of untapped potential. This can be particularly true for small and specialty-shaped basement windows that just need a little bit of love to look and perform their best.

Making the most of secondary spaces like basements can not only add value to your home, but it can maximize your livable square footage. It can also help your home adapt to your family’s changing needs. In today’s housing market, that’s essential.

When thinking about how you want to dress your windows, our website is a treasure trove of  window covering solutions and ideas where you can find examples of our many high-quality window covering products. 

Whether you decide to create a playroom (learn about child safety for window coverings), a home office or gym or a flex space for the whole family to enjoy together, one of the easiest ways to add design impact is with basement window coverings. 

For a media room, you’ll love blackout blinds or shades during family movie night. Even if the basement is not the most frequently used space in the home, it’s still a good idea to cover these lower-level windows to provide an extra layer of privacy and security. 

What Purpose Will Your Basement Window Coverings Serve?

There are countless options for basement window coverings, including curtains and drapes, window blinds, cellular shades, decorative window films and more.  The best way to start narrowing down your design options, is to focus on the primary purpose of your basement window coverings.  There are lots of options. To find the best window coverings for your basement, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your basement windows small? Do you want them to appear larger?
  • Do you want to add a feeling of height to the room?
  • Is there an opportunity to make your basement windows a unique design focal point?
  • Are security and privacy a main concern when it comes to your basement windows?
  • Do you plan to fill the wall and floor space around the basement windows?
  • Are you looking for a cost-effective option that’s easy on the budget or do you have a little room in your budget?
  • Does your basement feel chillier than the rest of the house? An insulating window curtain, shade, blind or shutter can help reduce your energy bills.

Three Main Product Categories to Consider for Your Basement Window Coverings

Even if you’ve established the primary purpose that your basement window treatments will serve, it’s still a good idea to have a broader idea of the possibilities. When it comes to home design, sometimes inspiration can inform purpose!  Following are three main categories of window treatments you can explore for your basement windows:

Custom window blinds and window shades can add beauty and practicality to any window. They are the most popular choice for light control and privacy. Blinds are often considered a “hard” window treatment as they are usually made of metal, vinyl or wood. They have individual slats that can be tilted, raised or lowered to let natural light in and block it out. 

Window shades on the other hand, are usually made with fabric, cannot tilt and are meant to be raised or lowered. Some types such as our cellular honeycomb shades from Hunter Douglas have the ability to raise and lower from the top or bottom, allowing you just the right amount of light and privacy. These cellular window shades have a pleated design that traps air, improving insulation and energy efficiency.

Draperies and sheers have expanded beyond the established pleated top panels to include exciting new fabrics, hardware and top treatments in imaginative combinations. Whether you envision traditional pleated drapes with sheers or contemporary flat panels hung on decorative hardware, our decorators can help you choose the style, fabric and trims that will suit your room’s décor. Because our decorators keep up with the latest trends, they can suggest fabrics and styles that you may not have even seen yet.

With all of the new products available, do you wonder if it’s still “fashionable” to cover your windows with draperies? All of the reasons people used draperies in the past are still valid today.  Draperies and sheers are both practical and decorative. 

Drawn draperies provide privacy, insulate against temperature extremes and offer additional soundproofing from internal and external noises. They soften all the sharp angles and edges in the home and create a warm, welcoming environment. The length and placement of your draperies can make a window or room appear larger or smaller; allowing you to redefine your living space. A small, narrow basement window can actually be disguised by a beautiful pair of drapes. 

Shutters are classic window treatments that are often used in Caribbean getaways and Paris apartments. On the practical side, they act as an energy-efficient insulator as well as a noise insulator. Shutters are very versatile and offer you the ability to regulate the natural light in your rooms from bright sunlight to darkness. 

Best of all, you can enjoy them for years to come as they require very little maintenance and last the life of your home. Consider them a worry-free investment that will add a new dimension to your home’s décor. 

A stylish way to solve many of the practical problems a window presents, our selection of window shutters is available in long-lasting materials and elevated finishes. They can also be custom made to fit a variety of window sizes and specialty window shapes. 

At Ruffell & Brown, we think of shutters as beautiful hand-crafted furniture for your window where every part, from the colour of the hinges to the size of the louver, is a custom choice. 

When we design shutters they are truly designed for your home and style. The choice between wood shutters and faux wood shutters is yours, though we recommend considering the humidity level in the home since high humidity can damage wood. Shutters are a classic way to achieve light control, privacy, and UV control.  Because they can be crafted from different materials such as real wood, composite or faux wood, or vinyl, we are able to make sure you’re getting a product that is exactly right for the climate and humidity of your space. 

Want to match the exact paint colour or shade of stain of your existing furniture? You can also do that with shutters.

 Let Ruffell & Brown Help Your Basement Windows Pop

Basement window coverings can add new life to the space, whether the room is meant for the kids, as a home office or a guest room. Whether you’re looking to create design impact, add privacy or maximize light, Ruffell & Brown Window Covering Centre can help you explore options to make your basement windows stand out or blend in. To explore our selection of versatile and stylish products, visit our Victoria showroom or book a free consultation today!