The advantages of cellular window shades

When it comes to having custom window coverings installed in your home, you will be presented with many different options to choose from. Window treatments are a common fixture of any home these days, so manufacturers are taking advantage of this market by offering homeowners a range of styles. Many custom blinds and draperies also come with more practical benefits than simply contributing to your interior design scheme. They serve a multitude of purposes and can even save you money over time.

Here are a few of the advantages of owning cellular window shades:

  • Color options: Cellular window shades come in a variety of colors for you to choose from but have a neutral color facing the window side. You can find the right colors to fit the design and tone of the room they are being installed in and still have a neutral exterior color showing out. Redecorating a room will be a breeze with the hues you can choose from with cellular shades.
  • Options: Cellular window shades come with a large selection of operating systems such as retractable cords, cordless systems, battery operated lifting systems and many more.. They also can cover very large windows and many types of specialty window types such as A-frame, arches etc making cellular shades our biggest selling product line.
  • Insulation: Cellular shades are designed with a honeycomb shape to trap air, which will keep warmth from escaping during the winter and cool air locked in place during the summer. This will result in your home consuming less energy throughout the year, which you will notice in your monthly utility payments.

If you are interested in having cellular window shades installed in your home, schedule an at-home appointment with Ruffell & Brown today! Our team of trained professionals will help you find the perfect cellular blinds for your living space.