Why you should have sheer curtains or drapes installed

Custom window treatments serve many purposes, which is why a vast majority of homeowners have them installed. Not only will they increase the aesthetic appeal of a room's interior, they also have a multitude of other benefits. With custom window treatments, you will see the value of your house rise along with its increased style. If you are thinking about having new custom curtains installed – or having the existing ones replaced – be sure to schedule an at-home appointment with Ruffell & Brown.

Here are a few advantages of having sheer curtains or drapes installed in your home:

  • Light control and privacy: Although sheer drapes will allow you to block the view of the outside world, they will still allow in a decent amount of sunlight. The material is thin enough that light is still able to come in, but thick enough that nobody will be able to see into your house. You will not have to choose between privacy and light control, as the material of the sheer drapes will give you the best of both worlds. This is is especially important in the rooms where privacy is crucial, such as your bedroom.
  • Style options: You will have total control over how the sheer window coverings look in your home. You can buy lighter fabric and layer it with thicker material, for example, which will give your window a unique look. The sheer drapes will be both aesthetically pleasing as well as serve an entirely functional purpose. There's no limit to how your windows can be decorated.

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