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A Look at What’s Currently On-Trend in Window Covering Centre

At Ruffell & Brown, we know just how important and how overwhelming it can be to pick out new window treatments. There are so many options to choose from, and it can be hard to know where to begin.

Perhaps you have recently moved into a new home and want to update the existing blinds or window curtains to fit your style preference. Maybe you just need some inspiration for a new design as you redecorate your home. Whatever the case may be, in this post we’ll provide you with some lovely window covering inspirations for each room and window in your home. We can help dress with speciality sizes and shapes of windows, suggest products for your specific needs, coordinate with your colour palette and so much more.

Window Coverings in the Living Room

When you think about window coverings and draperies, this is probably the first room to come to mind. This is understandable, as it is one of the main focal points in a home.

In the living room, it’s okay to be bold and choose a curtain with a dramatic design that makes a statement. Think of window dressings with rich, deep colours and a combination of cellular shades and long curtains. A combination or dual treatment like this will give you the ability to close either one layer or both layers. This way, the amount of light throughout the day can be easily controlled, and you’ll have privacy at night when it gets dark.

Soft, long draperies are a great way to go for the living room.

Some more tips:

  • If you’re looking for a softer, more subdued colour palette, look to nature to discover some beautiful earthy, green tones that go beautifully with neutral whites and creams.
  • Lush red draperies will make you feel like royalty.
  • Colour-match or use complementary colours for your shade and curtain duos. This is especially the case if you have a lot of patterns in the room already.
  • Monochromatic designs with blue and grey tones are currently trendy, along with pink and purple-hued curtains.
  • Still not sure? Breathable, translucent beige curtains and shutters are always a timeless, go-to look.
  • Natural materials with textural elements are always in style and provide a no-fuss look to your windows.

Window Coverings in the Kitchen

In the kitchen, it’s always about classic neutrality with durability. After all, the kitchen is a frequently occupied space that can get busy and messy.

A great option is to go for wide-slat faux wood blinds. Traditional wood blinds can actually warp and start to deteriorate when they’re exposed to humidity, but faux wood blinds are made of composite PVC and can stand the wear and tear of everyday life in the kitchen, so you don’t have to worry. They can also be motorized and set to open and close at the click of a button or by voice command with a smart device.

Other tips:

  • For a quaint, countryside feel, opt for sky blue window shutters in the kitchen.
  • Lambrequins and valances can be great in a kitchen or dining room window to add drama and style.
  • For added depth and movement, consider a cotton fabric with alternating shapes—ie. alternating matte and sateen stripes.
  • Neutral beige or white walls with floral curtains add a summery, feminine touch.

Window Coverings in the Bathroom

Steam-proof! This is the most important element when selecting window coverings for your bathroom and laundry room, as they have to hold up against high humidity.

The best option? Pleated shades, as these will give you easy control of the light and privacy, while still being durable.

How about the bathtub or shower stall? If you’re tired of the same old shower curtain patterns, why not select a drapery panel to add a sense of fun, drama, or relaxation to your bathroom? Your one-of-a-kind shower curtain can be any size you like, whether you want it to float just above the bathtub or shower rim, or pool elegantly onto the floor. Pair it with a good quality magnetic shower curtain liner to keep it dry and protected.

As for the laundry room, aluminum blinds are practical while still providing a fresh aesthetic. They’re also a more affordable option in a room where the style of the windows may not be your first priority, unlike in the family room or living room. Cellular honeycomb shades are also a good choice, since they blend in well and can be easily dusted or vacuumed to be kept clean.

Window Coverings in the Bedroom

While aesthetic is important in this room, so is a good night’s sleep and privacy! The trick to this is to use multiple layers to achieve total darkness, as well as bring in natural light while enjoying optimal privacy.


  • Lined natural shades and patterned draperies can give you control of the levels of light and darkness while still being stylish.
  • Double-cell honeycomb shades will keep your room at an even temperature and stop you from getting too warm when the sun comes in.
  • For the kids’ rooms go for cordless or motorized blinds in a fun design or colour, or something neutral that can grow with them.

Window Coverings for your Home Office

You have a lot of leeway here, so this is where you can have fun and be creative again. Try ombre-style curtains, or an accent colour like green. Even black can go well against a desk and computer. If glare is an issue, go for Designer Roller Shades like the ones we offer from Hunter Douglas, as these will help tremendously and will also provide you with some style.

If you’re eager to find your new perfect window coverings, look no further than Ruffell & Brown. Whether you’re looking for functional vertical blinds, shades, or fancy and stylish draperies, we have it all here at our Ruffell & Brown Window Covering Centre. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable, always providing top-quality customer service, and we would be happy to help you find the window coverings of your dreams. Contact us today to book a free consultation with one of our experts, or stop by our showroom on Bridge Street in Victoria, BC.

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