Window covering tip: Hanging on high

If you're in the market for new window coverings in Victoria, there may be more factors to consider than you expect. As well as selecting blinds, curtains or drapes that meet your needs and suit your personal taste, you also have to determine the best way to hang them.

Here at Ruffell & Brown Interiors, our window covering experts have ample experience hanging drapes so you can enjoy their full effect. One technique that most interior designers swear by is hanging on high. 

"Hang the curtains as high as you can above the window frame," the design website Apartment Therapy states. "Sure, they'll be longer and you'll spend a bit more on fabric, but the added length will pay dividends in perceived ceiling height."

As well as adding a sense of grandeur to your windows, this practice creates a sense of space and airiness that is refreshing in any room. Natural light is an incredible asset, and Vancouver island has some of the most beautiful vistas in the world. Don't make the mistake of overpowering their majesty with a simple design faux-pas.

There are many elements to take into account when you are selecting new window coverings for your home or office space. What is the primary function of these treatments, for example? Are they to block out light, provide privacy, improve temperature regulation or add to the aesthetic appeal of an area? Book an appointment with our specialists today, and we'll come right to your door to help you answer this vital question and determine the perfect window treatments for your Victoria home.