Window Coverings for Odd-Shaped Windows

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Custom Blinds to Make Your Specialty Shaped Windows Beautiful

Odd-shaped windows are an eye-catching addition to any home, adding character and curb appeal to the outside, and a unique architectural element inside.

While specialty-shaped windows add something special to your home, they can be more challenging to dress than regular windows.  Luckily, our team at Ruffell & Brown has lots of window covering solutions for odd-shaped windows. Our wide selection of window fashions will let you create and keep the look of your unique windows consistent with your other traditionally shaped windows or make them the star of the show.

The Benefits of Covering Odd-Shaped Windows

As with all windows, there are many benefits to adding blinds, roller shades, or other coverings to your odd-shaped windows:

  • Temperature control: Blinds and shades help to control heat in the home and save energy too
  • UV exposure: Using a window covering that has a UV filter, like a solar shade, will prevent sun damage to floors and furniture
  • Light Control: From sheer shades to blackout shades, get the coverage you need depending on how much natural light you’d like.
  • Glare Control: Prevent annoying television and computer screen glare

The Best Window Treatments for Odd-Shaped Windows

Here are our suggestions for the best blinds for your odd-shaped windows:

Arched and curved windows: Arches come in many variations including half-moon and eyebrow shapes.

  • Fixed cellular shades: This honeycomb type shade, which comes in a vast variety of colours and light control options, can be customized to fit any window shape, including arches.  The static covering, shaped like a fan, would be fixed into place and would not open or close.
  • Moveable cellular shades: The Hunter Douglas Duette EasyView Arch, available through Ruffell and Brown, can be completely lowered using a simple sliding mechanism, allowing you to choose whether it is open or closed.
  • Wood / Faux wood blinds: Available in a fan or ‘sunburst’ shape, these won’t completely open but there are options to have the slats fixed or moveable for personalized light control.
  • Horizontal Blinds: it is possible to get custom-shaped horizontal blinds to match up with your existing blinds. While they won’t lift up or down, the slats can be tilted for light control.

Angled / top sloping / triangle: Windows which have a sloping top edge.

  • Vertical Blinds: Blinds which hang straight work well on top sloping windows. The top edge is cut to the correct angle, so they all fall to the correct length. These can be fully opened as they will just stack up to the longest edge. Use of a valance to cover the top edge will help create a more sophisticated look.
  • Cellular shades: Can be used as a fixed shape in just the angled part of the window in addition to a moveable separate blind on the straight part of the window. Another option is a one-piece shade that will only raise or lower until it reaches the angled area.
  • Draperies: Top sloping or triangle windows can benefit from the softening effects of well placed drapes, which can be used to frame the window as a fixed feature.

Trapezoid: Four-sided windows with one pair of parallel sides – the other sides may taper or angle in the same direction.

  • Shutters: Are a good option for a wide range of unusual shapes as they can be custom fitted. The slats can still be opened and closed for light control.
  • Fixed cellular shades: A cellular shade in your choice of material and light control can be custom made to fit a trapezoid window but be aware it won’t be moveable.

Hexagons / Octagons: Some of the most unusual but most eye-catching window shapes. These windows can often be found in historic homes and merit being enhanced by window coverings.

  • Shutters: As well as retaining light control thanks to the moveable slats, a shutter can be designed to fully open, like a door, for access to the window for air flow or cleaning.
  • Fixed cellular shades and horizontal blinds are also options for hexagonal and octagonal windows. Neither will be operable although horizontal blind slats can be opened and closed.

Circles / Ovals: An uncommon shape, but circular windows and oblong windows can add real character to a room. Make your porthole window a feature to be proud of.

  • Shutters: An option for round windows is to have the shutter made in two halves so one or both sides can be fully opened for access to the window. The slats on both sides will open and close independently too, giving lots of flexibility.
  • Fixed Cellular shades: A useful option if you don’t need an operational covering.

Bay / Corner / Box windows: Although the windows themselves are usually rectangular, the configuration and angles between each window can make installation of window coverings a bit trickier.

  • Roller or Roman Blinds: These types of blinds work well for bay or bow windows as they can fit closely to the window and can add additional style and décor at the same time.
  • Draperies: Utilizing a valance to cover the tracks; drapes or curtains can be used either around the curve of the windows, or across the front, creating a nook effect.

Custom Window Coverings are the Best Option for Odd-Shaped Windows

Odd-shaped windows are unique and generally aren’t standard-sized. This means that out-of-the-box solutions usually won’t work. To get a window covering that truly fits your odd-shaped window, our expert window dressing designers will consult with you to ensure a perfect fit.

“The transformation, for the house, just in terms of aesthetic and comfort was astounding. If livability and peace of mind are quantifiable things, then this certainly earns top marks.”

-R. Colin Newell (Google reviews)

Ruffell and Brown Can Custom Cover Your Odd-Shaped Windows

The window treatment experts at Ruffell and Brown are ready to create the perfect solution for your odd-shaped window covering. Victoria, BC is the location of our showroom where you can meet one of our designers and see in person some of the different products and material options available.

There’s nothing that we enjoy more than to enhance all the windows of your home, especially the odd-shaped ones, with beautiful blinds, shades and drapes. Contact us today to book a free estimate with our window designers, or visit our showroom at 1-2745 Bridge Street, Victoria.

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