Window fashions for a quaint Canadian cottage

Here in Canada, we are used to cold winters. Nothing beats cuddling up in your living room with a good book and steaming cup of tea on a chilly day. If you want to get even cozier, use a quaint interior design scheme to transform your home into a cottage-like abode this winter. Take a look at some helpful tips on how to get the look:

  • Light-colored curtains: Even though it's the winter, to exude cottage charm, make lightly colored curtains your go-to. Pastel curtains and drapes can transform your home into a picturesque cottage space. Look for window fashions that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also help block the winter chill.
  • Florals: Cottages often boast elaborate gardens. Are you tired of looking out your bedroom window just to see barren trees? Liven up winter by bringing potted plants or fresh-cut flowers to your design scheme. Or, better yet, select custom curtains and drapes with floral motifs. Vibrant floral patterns never go out of style! 
  • Windowsills: Your windowsills are essentially built-in shelves. Utilize this space by adding your own flair to various rooms in your home. "Sometimes the tiniest details can make a huge difference in the way a room looks and feels," writes contributor Laura Gaskill. "Line up seashells in a kitchen window; prop a tiny painting and a jelly jar of flowers in a study window."

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