Window treatments are extremely important, especially in a narrow dwelling

Even here in Canada, it's undeniable that more and more people are making the shift toward living in urban areas. Whether it's because they'd prefer to live in a green structure where it's possible to walk more places, like living in a populated community or are seeking a less expensive mortgage, this trend doesn't seem to show any signs of stopping. 

But in some of the world's most populated cities, property has gotten so expensive that people are in search of increasingly creative places to live. Recently, window company Farko hosted a competition inviting architects to come up with innovative home designs that made use of their windows. The winning idea was called "Live Between Buildings!" and featured a number of unique homes that were built in the alleyways between existing structures. 

Rather than having room to spread out horizontally, these homes consist mostly of vertical space, making for a unique place to live. Probably the strangest thing about a micro-apartment like this, however, is that the exterior walls consist only of windows. While this should help these structures to get plenty of natural light, it's undeniable that residents, if this trend takes off, will need to invest in window treatments for privacy. 

Here at Ruffell & Brown Window Fashions, we have numerous window treatments that have been designed specifically with privacy in mind. Stop into our store today if you're struggling with this aspect of your own home.We will help you find a great solution from a brand like Hunter Douglas to add style to your interior while providing you with the privacy you need.