Window treatments for your living room

Is your living room in need of a makeover? If so, you may want to start with your window treatments. Not only can custom drapery and fabric window treatments add to the aesthetic of your room, they can also help create visual harmony throughout as well as cut heating costs.

If you need help styling your windows, check out some of these tips from

  • Layers: Just as you layer your outfit in the winter, this look is also popular with window fashions. Not only does layering help your home to retain warmth in the cold Canadian winters, it also protects furniture and other home accessories from fading by blocking out harmful UV rays. If you want to exude both style and practicality in your home, go for this trend of adding a drapery treatment over blinds or shades.
  • Lengthy drapes: "Floor-to-ceiling drapes are in high demand right now. Long drapes are more prevalent as homes are being built with higher ceilings and loft spaces become more popular," reports the news source. "These drapes offer a sophisticated look, and at many places, can be customized in bright, contemporary hues for an updated appearance." If you're in need of customization, look no further than Ruffell & Brown Window Fashions!
  • Patterns: Patterned window coverings are rising in popularity lately. Not only do geometric shapes, stripes and florals allow homeowners to exude their own personality, they also help create visual diversity. The key to using patterns in the home is to balance these prints with neutral furniture.

To follow all of the top window covering trends be sure to contact Ruffell & Brown Window Fashions for an at-home appointment!