A Modern Take on the Classic Horizontal Blind

Forget what you think you know about aluminum horizontal blinds, Modern Precious Metals Horizontal Blinds from Hunter Douglas are the perfect choice for those wanting a clean, uncluttered look.

Sleek and slim, Modern Precious Metals Horizontal Blinds come in various attractive finishes from matte to pearl and even an iridescent shine. With over 70 colour choices, there is a finish that will suit every home style, from minimalist to vibrant and everything in between.

Key Features of Modern Precious Metals Horizontal Blinds

Maximum light control: Slats can be partially tilted to any angle for adjustable light control – completely close the slats for adequate light reduction.

Complete view through: Opening the slats fully enables an unobstructed view of the exterior of your home without having to raise the blinds.

Privacy isn’t compromised: Tilting the slats so the inside edge faces up allows some light to enter but prevents people from seeing in from outside.

Durable: Metal window blinds can withstand a busy home’s daily wear and tear. Durable, sturdy and easy to clean, you don’t need to worry about damage or complicated maintenance routines.

The Perfect Choice for Modern Décor

The slim, streamlined look of Hunter Douglas metal blinds appeals to those who want a clean and uncluttered look for their window dressings. Whether used alone or in combination with other window coverings such as drapes or curtains, horizontal blinds pair well with any style of décor.

Choose simple white matte slats for a blind that blends in or a textured metallic finish in a darker colour that adds warmth and drama to your room. Whatever you choose, these metal window coverings will look great for years to come.

Operating System for Modern Precious Metals Horizontal Blinds

Modern Precious Metals Horizontal Binds are simple to operate:

SpringRise Operation – A twistable wand is attached for tilting the slats. Pull down to the bottom of the window and tuck the bottom rail into the brackets to allow for the blind to be operable for tilting.

Pull out of the brackets, and the blinds will self-lift to the top of the window for a clear glass view. Intermediate positions in the window are no longer available with the new child safety regulations. 

Modern Precious Metals Horizontal Blinds Suit A Wide Array of Windows and Door

Thanks to their slim profile and sleek, streamlined slats, Modern Precious Metals Horizontal Blinds can fit a variety of window sizes and shapes, including:

Bay or Corner Windows: Blinds are neatly fitted to each window pane so they can each be controlled separately, allowing maximum light and privacy control.

French Doors: Blinds can be mounted using spacer blocks or extension brackets to allow adequate clearance for door mechanisms.

Sidelights: Horizontal blinds are suitable for long, narrow windows like sidelights. Good for additional privacy in your entryway.

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