Designer Banded Shades

Designer banded shades are a striking and dramatic window covering option that features alternating bands of sheer and solid fabrics for a modern take on light and privacy control.

This shade is made with one continuous loop of banded material that can be opened and closed like a roller blind. As the blind rolls up or down, the two layers of material pass each other, creating an open or closed appearance. The result is a visually striking shade that has the softness and texture of fabric with the aesthetic of a shutter or wooden blind.

Available with three band width choices and over 90 fabric options, including textures, colors and some modern geometric designs, the final look can be completely personalized to your own taste. Suitable for almost any window, the designer banded shade is a good choice for patio doors and French doors. If you are looking for a unique and eye-catching window covering that complements modern décor then you can’t go wrong with the designer banded shade.

Benefits Of Designer Banded Shades:

  • Light and privacy control: As these shades are raised or lowered, the bands of opaque fabric pass each other, allowing you to choose how much view-through you want to have.
  • UV protection: When in the open position, designer banded shades block 81% of harmful rays from entering your home, while still allowing natural filtered light into the room. When in the closed position this rises to as much as 99% of UV rays blocked, offering optimum protection to your floors and furniture.
  • Clean and classy finishes: Designer Banded Shades are finished with a sleek and clean headrail, which can be covered with matching fabric. The shade can be rolled completely into the headrail for a neat appearance.

Designer Banded Shades Operating Systems:

  • PowerView®
  • UltraGlide®
  • SoftTouch®
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