Nantucket Window Shadings

Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ Blinds are a unique blend between a sheer curtain and a horizontal blind, creating a natural diffused light while maintaining privacy from the outside world. Nantucket blinds feature 3-inch S-shaped vanes suspended between two sheer fabric layers. This design allows the vanes to be tilted open and closed like regular blinds to control light and privacy.

No matter what position the vanes are in, the front and back sheer layers remain in place to keep the light soft and prevent anyone outside from seeing through during the day. The benefit of lightweight blinds like Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ is they can be operated easily by hand. You can adjust the vanes simply with a wand.

Benefits Of Nantucket Window Shadings:

  • UV Protection: The sheer fabric can filter up to 88% of UV rays when the vanes are open and up to 99% of the damaging sun rays when the vanes are in a fully closed position.
  • Privacy: Hunter Douglas Nantucket™ blinds are ideal if you require privacy but still wish to retain some natural sunlight.
  • Light Control: Because Nantucket™ blinds allow gently filtered sunlight into your home, you can still feel all the benefits of natural light without the damage risks.
  • Beautiful Style Choices for Every Room: Available in a range of elegant and timeless fabric colours, including pale and neutral tones as well as a variety of textured finishes.
  • Suitable for Unusually Shaped Windows

Nantucket Window Shadings Operating Systems:

  • LiteRise®
  • UltraGlide®
  • PowerView®
  • SoftTouch®
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