Big Windows? No Problem! Best Blinds for Large Windows

Best Modern Window Coverings for Large Windows

Big windows are a beautiful addition to any home – letting in natural light, warmth and expansive views, but when it comes to covering them, which are the best blinds for large windows?

Large expanses of glass can add a stunning appearance to the architecture of any home as they create an open and bright look and feel. But all that glass comes with a challenge too. What if you want to control the light or have some privacy? Off-the-shelf blinds won’t work for large windows, so a custom solution is required.

To help you choose the right big window blinds for your home, follow this guide to the best modern window coverings for large windows.

What to Consider When Choosing Window Coverings for Large Windows

Despite all the positives of large windows, they bring some downsides too, such as:

  • UV damage: With glass comes sunlight. While natural sunlight is good for us, it can be damaging to your home. UV rays can damage and fade furniture and flooring over time. A window covering will help prevent glare and damage.
  • Heat transfer: Glass doesn’t insulate, so large expanses can let in heat during warm weather and lose it in the winter. Blinds can help reduce this heat transfer and, as a result, save energy used on heating and cooling. 
  • Privacy: While having an unobstructed view of the outside is desirable, it also means anyone outside can see into your home. Installing window coverings will enable you to retain the view when you want it but add a layer of privacy when it’s required – especially at night.

When choosing window coverings for your large windows, consider:

  • Weight – Large blinds can be very heavy. Choose lightweight materials or multiple smaller blinds to overcome this issue.
  • Operating Systems – Floor-to-ceiling or double-height window coverings are going to be out of reach for most people. If you have a particularly high or long window to cover, consider using a motorized operating system, which can be controlled from either a remote control or your smart automation system.
  • Is the ability to adjust important? Do you want permanent coverage or do you want to be able to adjust the view and light filtration on your window covering? Consider a Duolite shade that can give you both light filtration and the ability to block harsh UV by combining two shades in one treatment.

Best Blinds for Large Windows

There are many options for window coverings that work well on large windows, including:

Cellular Blinds

Honeycomb-style cellular blinds are extremely lightweight and have superior insulation, making them ideal for large expanses of glass. Available in widths up to 12 feet, they have a small stack that minimalizes their appearance when open.

Vertical Blinds

While vertical blinds are most suitable for sliding glass patio doors, they are also very effective on floor-to-ceiling windows and can work on the widest expanses of glass. The ability to tilt the vertical vanes gives great control over light without having to fully open the blind.

Vertical blinds are not just for the office – softer styles like the Luminette privacy sheer from Hunter Douglas have the look of soft drapery when closed, which brings a warm style to any room.

Sliding Panels

Fabric panels, such as the Hunter Douglas Skyline Gliding Window Panels, slide on tracks so their position can be changed as desired. Available in a vast range of fabric choices and opacities, they offer a decorative solution for floor-to-ceiling windows or patio doors.

Roller Shades

The cleanest look for a large window. Roller blinds have a simple profile and roll up neatly when open, complimenting minimalist décor. Light enough to be used across a wide window, or consider 2 or 3 side by side to allow more selective light control.

Roman Blinds

The soft folds of roman blinds give a graceful finish to oversize windows. Available in wide widths, they can be used in different ways:

  • One large blind across a row of 2 or more tall, slim windows.
  • Multiple smaller blinds across one large window – if you choose this option, go with a solid colour or a simple pattern that can be lined up.


If you want your oversize windows to be the statement centrepiece of your room, consider adding shutters. They create a classic frame around the windows and can break up a very large expanse of glass.

Shutters minimize heat transfer which is ideal in extreme weather locations. As well as traditional door style opening, shutters can be fitted on tracks so they can be stacked to the side when you want an open view.

Wooden options

While faux wood horizontal blinds are an option for taller windows, they are too heavy for wide windows. If you particularly like the look of wooden blinds, consider real wood, which is considerably lighter, eliminating the risk of sagging or mechanism damage.

Tip: When your window is too wide for a single blind, consider multiple smaller units attached to one headrail. While each can be operated independently, the overall look is cohesive and classy.

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Curtains and Drapes for Large Windows

Curtains and drapes offer another option for large windows, whether used alone or in combination with shades or blinds.

Using drapes offers a decorative finish, which can add warmth to a room or complement a more traditional style of décor. Ways to use drapes on large windows include:

  • Use narrow curtains on either end of a row of windows, like bookends.
  • For full-room-width windows, use one continuous length of drapery for a consistent and contemporary finish.
  • Layering drapes with different opacities gives optimum light control – pair a sheer drape with a heavy curtain for a classic look.
  • Use light or sheer fabrics for filtered light with full privacy.
  • For lower energy bills, layer drapes over energy-efficient blinds.

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Go Custom for the Best Large Window Coverings

For the best results, choose custom-made for your large windows coverings. Victoria, BC is the home to Ruffell and Brown, specialists in coverings for all your windows, including oversized ones. 

Our expert staff can offer advice on which blinds will work on your large windows and ensure the measurement and fitting are completed accurately.

Contact us today to arrange a measurement and consultation for your big windows.