Window Coverings for Your Bedroom Windows

The Best Bedroom Window Treatments – Curtains, Blinds, Draperies and Sheers

The bedroom is a place to escape the rigours of the day. It’s where we go to get lost in a novel, cozy up with our loved ones on a lazy Sunday, or just relax and fall into a peaceful sleep. The décor we choose sets the mood and tone of a bedroom. A major component of that décor are your window coverings. They work to filter or block light and noise and create privacy while highlighting and transforming your interior design.

It’s important to consider how much or how little light you want to see when you wake up and how much ambient light you need to block out at night. You’ll also want to consider your colour scheme and style as well as what mood you want to create—romantic, restful, playful, calm, or anything in between.

At Ruffell & Brown, we have a wide selection of trendy and high-quality window fashions by top manufacturers such as Hunter Douglas, Graber, Brite Blinds, and more. Whether you prefer, blinds, draperies, shutters, sheers, shades, or a combination, our designers will help you discover the ideal solution for your bedroom windows.

What Types of Window Coverings are Best for Bedrooms?

Draperies and Sheers

Draperies and sheers are often a preferred choice, since they soften the lines of a room, add privacy, and can be styled to anchor any décor. Whether you prefer traditional pleated, flat panel, sheer, grommet top, tab top, or rod pocket styles, Ruffell and Brown can customize curtains or drapes for any sized window and colour scheme.

If you’re looking for a more formal look, allow the fabrics to puddle on the floor and install the curtain rod just under the ceiling. For a more casual look, hang your window coverings just above the window frame, with the fabric ending just below the bottom portion of the frame.

Blackout Drapes – A great quality set of blackout curtains will block 100% of incoming light, whether that’s sunlight or light from passing cars on the street. They’re also energy efficient and will maintain the temperature in a room by preventing cold or heat from escaping. With a wide array of colours, fabrics, patterns and textures, blackout curtains are a popular choice for good reason.

curtains for your bedroom

Light Filtering Curtains – Light filtering curtains do a great job of blocking out excessive light, while still allowing natural light to enter the room. If you love waking up to just a hint of daylight, light filtering curtains are a great option for your bedroom. If you prefer to have maximum light blocking properties, consider these with blinds, shades or shutters. This creates a layered look that will not only look great and block out light, but it will also give you the flexibility you’re after.

Sheer Curtains – Sheers are often used as an accent and like light filtering curtains, gauzy sheers work very well with blinds, shades or shutters. Some designers and homeowners also like to pair sheers with a heavier pair of drapes, which helps to create balance and lighten up the overall look.

Shades hunter douglas roman shades for the bedroom

Easy to coordinate and style with drapes, shades from Ruffell & Brown come in a variety of materials, textures, colours and styles. From our very popular honeycomb shade to blackout styles, there’s a shade for every need and preference.

Honeycomb Shades – Our cellular honeycomb shades are a flexible, attractive window covering that works in virtually every room in the home. In the bedroom, they provide privacy, temperature control and a range of light filtering options from sheer to blackout. Honeycomb shades can also fit windows and doors of any shape or size. They’re ideal for bedrooms since the shades can be opened in a top down, bottom up style, so you can let light in while still enjoying complete privacy. Stylish on their own, honeycomb shades also look great with curtains, shutters, or drapes.

Roman Shades – If you prefer a minimalist look in your bedroom, roman shades are a good choice. Made from either fabric or woven wood materials, roman shades cover the windows from either the inside of the frame, or over the window frame, they can be customized to add blackout lining, they are a one and done solution for no-fuss window treatments that blend seamlessly with the room.

Our honeycomb and roman shades are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our vast selection of shades. We also offer natural, pleated, roller, screen, and sheer shades.


Always a classic, venetian blinds are available in many colours, slat sizes, and textures. Choose from modern precious metals, pearlescent, classic white or even a custom blended hue. Blinds look lovely when paired with curtains, drapes, or even a simple valance, but like roman shades, they can hold their own as a window treatment.

Wood Venetian Blinds – For a warm, natural look well-suited to a room with wood trim and wooden furniture, our wood venetian blinds are durable and a great insulator. Complementing wood floors, wood venetian blinds create a timeless look while providing privacy and light protection. For a bedroom where quality is king, our handcrafted wood venetian blinds are timeless, like fine furniture for your windows.

Metal or Aluminum Venetian Blinds – Available in a variety of finishes and hues, our metal and aluminum venetian blinds are durable and made with an alloy that lets the slats spring back if they’re handled roughly. Available in slat sizes ranging from ½” to 2” wide, venetian blinds offer excellent light and privacy control.

Automated Window Treatments

When you’re drifting off to sleep and don’t want to get up to close your window coverings, or you’d love to languish in bed in the morning with just a hint of daylight, choose our automated window treatments. Innovative automation options make it easy to create the ambience you desire.

You can use a simple hand held remote, or add a smart home hub system that can program and operate your shades from a smartphone or tablet. You can set your window coverings to open at dawn and close before you turn in for the night, or set them to adjust automatically according to the sun’s position in the sky to improve energy efficiency and block harsh UV rays from damaging your bedding and furnishings. Your bedroom should be a relaxing, inviting space and adding that extra touch of convenience will add a feeling of decadence.

There are endless ways to style your bedroom windows and our window treatment experts at Ruffell & Brown Window Covering Centre are here to help you choose the very best solution for your space. Whether you are looking for bold, romantic, contemporary, or somewhere in between, we’ll work with you to choose the perfect custom window treatment that you’ll love to wake up to. Contact our team or visit our Victoria, BC showroom to get the bedroom window coverings you’ve always wanted.