Top 5 Window Coverings for Kitchens

What to Know When Choosing Kitchen Window Treatments

Window coverings for kitchens may not be the first thing you think about when you consider your kitchen décor, but choosing the right window covering is essential for several reasons.

When considering window coverings for kitchens, you need to consider more than aesthetics – kitchen window treatments also need to be practical and durable.

Adding kitchen window blinds can provide light control and privacy and even help control kitchen temperatures. However, kitchen window coverings are exposed to high amounts of heat, humidity and grime, so you must choose a blind or shade that can stand up to these challenging conditions. 

Read on to find out what you need to consider when shopping for kitchen window blinds and our recommended kitchen window covering ideas.

Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Window Coverings

When considering the best window treatments for your kitchen, there is much to consider besides their appearance. So before starting to narrow down kitchen window treatment ideas, think about these factors first.

Is it easy to clean?

Kitchens can be humid, dirty and greasy places, which means whatever you cover your windows with will get damp, sticky and splashed with food debris.

Some window coverings are better suited to this type of environment than others because they are less susceptible to water damage and are easy to wipe clean – for example:

  • Faux wood (composite plastic)
  • Vinyl / PVC
  • Sheer/wipeable fabrics

Avoid natural wood or porous fabrics that can absorb moisture and stain easily – but are more challenging to clean.

Location of your kitchen window

Is your kitchen window above the sink, a food prep area or near the stovetop? If so, any window covering will be more susceptible to damage from water, humidity and grease, and you will need to choose a water-resistant window covering that is easy to clean.

Kitchen windows that are located away from these high-risk areas, such as in a dining nook, are away from the splash zone. So coverings can be chosen that have primary functions for light filtering or privacy.

Size of your kitchen

Is your kitchen a small enclosed space or larger and open to your living area? Large/open-plan kitchens are likely to have more than one window and a sliding or French door. In this type of space, it’s essential to consider whether you want continuity with window coverings throughout the room.

Smaller, fully enclosed rooms will be more susceptible to humidity build-up than open-plan spaces, so choose materials that can withstand dampness and resist mould build-up.

How much direct sunlight does your kitchen get?

A bright kitchen is lovely to work in, but if there is a lot of natural sunlight from the windows, consider blinds or shades with UV protection. Because UV rays can damage and fade hardwood flooring and fabrics, window coverings such as Pirouette sheer shades that block UV rays but still allow in natural light are a great option. However, ensure these shades are not installed above a sink, as they are a bit more challenging to clean. 

Is privacy needed?

Can your neighbours see you making your morning cup of coffee? Then you need a kitchen window blind that will increase privacy. Fabrics with varying opacity levels are available depending on whether you want to retain some natural light and visibility. 

Need a covering you can control when privacy is needed? Choose a blind or shutter with a tilt wand or smart control.

Décor preference 

Practicality is essential, but kitchen window treatments offer the opportunity to add personality to a room that is often neglected. Adding colour or pattern can brighten an all-white kitchen and soften the hard lines and surfaces of stainless steel and stone.

Consider whether you want your kitchen window covering to be subtle or bold, permanent or changeable. For example, a roller blind will roll almost entirely away into its header bar for a clean and unobstructed look, whereas a roman blind will lift into a decorative valance. Some sheer shades will remain permanently closed as they offer partial visibility.

The 5 Best Window Covering Options for Kitchens:

Now that we know what factors to consider when buying window coverings for kitchens, what are some of the best options to choose from?

  1. Faux Wood Blinds – Hunter Douglas Everwood alternative wood blinds are an excellent choice for kitchens because they are resistant to heat and dampness and can easily be wiped clean. They offer a clean and simple look that will compliment any style of kitchen. In addition, they can be easily adjusted to light and privacy by tilting the slats.
  2. Vinyl shutters – These window coverings are another option for a timeless look that is durable and easy to maintain. Ensure there is room to open the shutter doors if placed behind a sink or faucet.
  3. Roller Blinds – A simple, modern option suitable for all kitchens. They work well on smaller windows or where a complete view is required as they roll away neatly. Roller blinds are available in a wide range of fabric options, from room darkening to light filtering sheers for subtle light control and privacy. Choosing roller blinds offers the chance to add fun, colour, texture or pattern to your kitchen. Most roller blind fabrics are easy to spot-clean too.
  4. Roman Blinds Offer a more decorative look for your kitchen. They are easy to operate and come in various colours and designs. While Roman blinds are vulnerable to stains, they can be adjusted to a preferred height to avoid potential splashes. 
  5. Cellular Shades – Honeycomb style shades, such as Duette cellular shades by Hunter Douglas, are ideal for heat and light control. These shades are best suited for larger windows away from direct heat, grime and water, as they are harder to clean. 

Thanks to their insulating design, cellular shades can help keep a hot kitchen cooler in the summer months. 

Perfect Kitchen Window Coverings from Ruffell and Brown

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