Bamboo Shades and Blinds – A Natural Way to Shade Your Windows

Why Bamboo Blinds Are a Charming and Eco-Friendly Choice for Your Home 

A space with amazing natural lighting is one thing, but there’s something ethereal about sunlight softly filtering in through a bamboo shade or blind. These sustainable window coverings are a natural way to gently filter sunlight and are the preferred option for famous designers such as Joanne Gaines and Charles Correa. Bamboo shades create a bright and airy space and they also add warmth and natural beauty to your interior design. 

Whether you want to maximize natural light or introduce more texture into your home, bamboo shades and blinds might be the perfect solution. 

Let’s explore what makes bamboo shades so popular, the benefits they offer, and why they’re the ultimate choice for chic yet eco-conscious homes. 

Do Bamboo Blinds Block the Sun?

Bamboo shades are typically favoured for their ability to enhance natural light. The fibres of this eco-friendly material naturally soften sunshine before allowing it to slip through. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to forego bamboo blinds entirely if you enjoy sleeping in or prefer a darker aesthetic. 

Here are a few ways that bamboo blinds can stop more light from passing through your windows. 

  • While the bamboo material is not designed to shut out light on its own, you can opt for bamboo shades with a lining. We offer a wide selection of bamboo shades and blinds with blackout lining that can block out the sun.
  • Choose bamboo shades with a thicker weave style. Thicker woven wood shades are more likely to prevent sunlight from sneaking into your home.
  • Pair your bamboo shades with thick curtains. This gives you greater control over the amount of natural light in your home. 

Some alternative and additional window treatments to fully block out the sun include: 

  • Wood/Vinyl Shutters 
    • For ultimate control over the lighting in your home, shutters are the best window treatments. 
    • Similar to bamboo blinds, shutters are a green option because they are energy efficient. In the summer, they can reduce the amount of heat from the sun that enters your home. 
  • Venetian Blinds 
    • These classic and durable window treatments are an effective way to keep the sun out. 
    • Wood Venetian blinds are also energy efficient. They prevent heat from escaping during the winter season and from entering your space during the summer months.
  • Blackout Draperies 
    • When used in combination with bamboo blinds, draperies not only add dimension to your space but are also an effective way to block the sun. 

Can People See Through Bamboo Blinds? 

A light-filled room can look beautiful and inviting, but you may not be willing to sacrifice your privacy for it. The good news is there’s no need to compromise. It is possible to enhance natural light and protect your privacy at the same time with bamboo shades. 

Bamboo blinds without lining offer some level of privacy during the daytime. However, they become transparent at night. 

Fortunately, bamboo shades with privacy lining can obstruct the view inside your home from the outside. Although they allow less natural light in comparison to bamboo fibres alone, they offer significantly more privacy. 

Are Bamboo Shades Good? The 5 Benefits of Bamboo Blinds

There’s a reason why a growing number of designers and homeowners are choosing bamboo shades for their windows. Here are five advantages of these natural woven wood shades. 

1. Bamboo shades are good for the environment

    • Bamboo is one of the most durable and sustainable materials available. It grows quickly, requires little water, and is 100% biodegradable. 
    • Since they are made with a highly renewable resource, bamboo shades are an ideal choice for the environmentally conscious. 

2. They enhance natural light

    • Designers and homeowners are often drawn to this shade because it interferes the least with natural lighting. 
    • Since bamboo fibres naturally filter sunlight, bamboo blinds can create the impression of an airy and bright home.

3. Bamboo blinds are easy to incorporate into the design of your home

    • Their earthy colour and texture accentuate the natural beauty of your home. 
    • Indoor plants, handcrafted solid wood furniture, and neutral tones are simple ways to complement the appearance of bamboo shades. 
    • Bamboo blinds are versatile. At Ruffell & Brown, we carry a huge variety of bamboo shades and finishes to match your home style and decor.

4. They can be customized with linings that offer privacy or block out the sun 

    • For those who love the design appeal of bamboo shades but dislike their transparency, linings are a great solution. 
    • Bamboo blinds with blackout lining provide complete protection from sun exposure. 
    • Bamboo blinds with privacy lining invite some natural light into your home but hinder visibility from the outside.

5. Bamboo shades and blinds are easy to maintain 

    • A weekly dusting with a feather duster or vacuum brush is sufficient to keep your natural woven shades in pristine condition. 
    • Avoid using rough materials and harsh chemicals on your bamboo blinds to preserve their natural colour. 

How To Choose the Perfect Bamboo Shades for Your Home

Whether your home exudes a modern rustic style or a look of classic elegance, the right bamboo shade will enhance any interior design. When choosing the best bamboo shades for your space, consider the following questions:

Does light control matter to you? 

    • If natural light is welcome into your home anytime, you’ll love bamboo shades on their own. 
    • On the other hand, opt for bamboo shades with a blackout lining or combine the shades with other window coverings such as blackout draperies to maximize light control. 

How important is your privacy? 

    • The fibres of bamboo blinds on their own offer little to no privacy at night. This may not be a concern for office and retail spaces, but can be disconcerting for most homeowners. 
    • To protect your privacy, choose bamboo shades with privacy lining. This gives you the advantage of bamboo blinds without its main drawback. It filters some sunlight in during the daytime and protects your privacy at night. 

Which style and features appeal to you most?

    • In addition to choosing a colour or texture, you can customize the banding, valance height, lift system, and more of your bamboo shades. 

At Ruffell & Brown, we are proud to offer an extensive and affordable collection of bamboo shades and blinds as well as many other types of shades to meet your needs, including roller shades and cellular shades. We can help you choose the perfect set of bamboo shades and even help pair them with blackout lining and/or draperies. 

To help you choose the perfect natural shades for your windows, our knowledgeable team of decorators can bring samples straight to your door.  

Don’t hesitate to drop by our showroom in Victoria, BC or book a free shop-at-home appointment today.