The Best Window Coverings Enhance Natural Light and Provide Privacy

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Let Natural Light in and Preserve Privacy with Custom Window Covering Centre

The best window coverings are designed to enhance natural light while still providing privacy. No longer do you need to close the blinds or curtains during the middle of a beautiful, sunny day.

With today’s advanced technologies in window fashions, you can have the best of both worlds. Modern window covering manufacturers have designed a wide variety of solutions that offer the ultimate in light control and privacy. The result is truly flexible window fashions that let you fully enjoy your space.

Designed to suit your interior décor in a wide array of textiles, shapes and sizes, custom blinds, shades and draperies from Ruffell & Brown will add the perfect ambience to any room. We offer the best window coverings available, in a wide range of styles, patterns, fabrics and user-friendly technologies.

Should I Choose Blinds, Draperies or Shades?

Unsure whether you’d like sheer draperies, blinds or shades? Try a combination of all three to maximize your options for a welcoming space. No matter the shape or size of your windows and doors, we have the perfect solution for you.

Below, we’ve listed a few of our top picks for light-preserving, privacy enhancing window coverings.

Sheer Draperies

Always a classic choice, sheer draperies are gorgeous on their own or paired with blinds or shades. Custom designed to match your vision, your draperies will be completely unique and tailored to your taste. The colour or prints/patterns, opacity, length and pleated or flat tailoring are selected by you and carefully created and installed by us.

Sheers are ideal for softening the look of a room. They also blur the view from the inside out and the outside in, creating a feeling of concealment. We often install heavier draperies for a dual layer solution. This allows you to close the drapes at night to prevent passersby from viewing into your home. Our customers also love pairing heavier drapes with sheer blinds and shades.

Cellular Honeycomb Shades

Today’s shades are so cleverly designed they act as a hybrid between blinds and shades. Our line of Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades is a great example of this innovation and are one of our best-selling products. These are designed with your choice of woven or non-woven sheer or light-filtering fabrics.

Honeycomb, or cellular shades, can provide the maximum light retention while giving extra privacy. The unique construction also allows cellular shades to provide effective insulation, by keeping hot air out during the warm months and cold air out during the winter months. Our customers enjoy the softened look of honeycomb shades and blinds all on their own. You can also pair them with a number of other window fashions, ranging from neutral draperies to dramatic plantation shutters.

Transitional Banded Shades

Not your average roller shade, our transitional banded shades offer truly flexible options for filtering light while providing privacy. With alternating sheer fabric bands and light-filtering bands, you can enjoy plenty of natural light, with the privacy of a traditional roller shade or venetian blind. As with other sheer window fashions, these help to block harmful UV rays from fading or damaging your interior finishings. Our semi-opaque and opaque fabrics are also available with geometric designs to create eye-catching light effects that gently dance across the walls.

Luminette Privacy Sheers

By Hunter Douglas, Luminette Privacy Sheers are designed for sliding glass doors, french doors and larger windows. Modeled after Vertical blinds, the uniquely designed Luminette Sheers are crafted with soft fabric vanes. This helps to preserve your view and diffuse light while still providing privacy. This product provides the look of a sheer drape with the versatility of blinds.

Top-Down Bottom-Up Designs

Many of the Hunter Douglas blinds and shades can be designed with a top-down, bottom-up option. When you want more privacy, simply adjust the window coverings up or down. For instance, if you live in a ground-level suite, you can gently push your top-down bottom-up window fashions down while leaving the top portion of the window uncovered.

This manual operation option is also excellent for blocking out the sun during periods of direct sunlight, like at 5 PM while you’re doing the dishes with the sun right at eye level. Rather than blocking the entire window and losing all that natural light, you can adjust your blinds or shades to bask in the filtered natural light.

The Very Best Window Coverings are Automated and Motorized

Consider automated solutions for the ultimate in convenience. At Ruffell & Brown, we’re proud to offer a multitude of automated and motorized technologies for a wide variety of our window covering products. For instance, with Hunter Douglas PowerView Motorization, you can be in complete control of the position of your curtains, blinds and shades. You can even schedule when you’d like your window coverings to adjust.

Using the PowerView app or the Pebble remote control, you can program and control up to six different groups of window coverings throughout your home, for the ultimate in privacy and light preservation. Left for work and aren’t sure if your window coverings are closed? The PowerView app will let you see whether your blinds are up or down so you can adjust as needed. Light control and privacy control is at your fingertips thanks to this solution from Hunter Douglas.

How To Choose the Best Window Coverings for Your Home or Office

Determine which windows and doors receive the most light and which are most exposed to the street. These are the areas you’ll want to focus on when choosing light-filtering blinds, curtains or shades. As a bonus, the fabrics and designs of many of our best window coverings are energy-efficient and can block the hot sun from overheating the areas that receive full sunlight.

When shopping for the best window coverings, look for light-filtering and semi-opaque fabrics. Our showroom is stocked with thousands of fabric options in a nearly endless array of designs, patterns, colours and opacities. We’ll be happy to help you choose the ideal fabric for your custom blinds, draperies or shades.

Bringing in natural light and enjoying your home’s views doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your privacy. At Ruffell & Brown, our team of window fashion designers are happy to show you many options for gorgeous, innovative window coverings. Schedule a consultation today by calling (250) 384-1230 or by booking online. We look forward to helping you design your perfect custom window treatments.

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