Sheer Brilliance: Window Sheers That Will Light Up Your Home

Why You Should Consider Sheer Curtains

Consider sheer shades or sheer draperies if you’re looking for a window covering that is timeless, fresh and bright. 

Sheers are window coverings made from light, fine, semi-translucent fabric that diffuses harsh sunlight yet still allows a view of the outside.

Sheer drapes come in a range of natural and neutral colours that bring a sleek, contemporary and appealing look to any room. Modern window sheers are versatile and protect your furniture and floors from UV rays and daytime privacy. Some sheer shade options can even retain the majority of privacy when it’s dark outside.

Read on to explore sheer window covering options and learn why they are a good choice for your home.

Types of Window Sheers

Now, sheers are available as draperies, shades and blinds and each style offers all the benefits of sheer window coverings.

Sheer Draperies

Panels of thin, polyester material in various colours which are used to dress a window, sheer draperies are often used more for aesthetics than function. They can be used alone or combined with secondary treatments or heavier drapes for a dimensional layered look.

Sheer draperies can be made as stationary panels for softness and dimension, or as full closing to allow for ambient light and daytime privacy/UV control, creating a light and airy look. 

Sheer curtains can also be used elsewhere around the house – these 6 practical and beautiful ways to use sheer draperies around your home will offer some inspiration.

Sheer Shades

Sheer shades are the perfect blend of the versatility of a blind, with the elegance of a drapery. Tilting fabric vanes are backed by, or suspended between, sheets of sheer material. What results is the ultimate answer to a desire for privacy while still enjoying some natural light.

The vanes work similarly to regular blinds in that they can be tilted open to allow a complete view through or fully closed for optimum privacy and light control. The difference with sheer shades is that no matter how open the vanes are, there are always one or two layers of sheer fabric that soften the light and prevent anyone outside from seeing in.

Options for sheer shades include:

  • Pirouette from Hunter Douglas – Soft fabric vanes are attached to a single sheer backing layer, giving the appearance of a Roman shade but with the additional softening and light filtering from the backing that can open like a blind.
  • Silhouette from Hunter Douglas – Unique S-shaped vanes are suspended between two sheets of sheer material resulting in a very soft and subtle look that gives the impression of folds in drapery. Available as horizontal or vertical shades.
  • Designer Banded from Hunter Douglas – Sheer and solid fabrics are layered, giving a  beautifully modern look while offering privacy and light control. Can be opened or closed like a roller blind. 

Sheer Blinds

Your window coverings expert can give more advice on which styles of blinds can best support sheer fabric.

One style of sheer blind that is a cross between a sheer panel and a vertical blind is the Luminette privacy sheer from Hunter Douglas. Internal fabric vanes and sheer backing material filter sunlight and the vertical style is perfect for doors and full-height windows.

The Benefits of Choosing Window Sheers

Whichever style of window sheer you prefer, they all offer the same advantages and bring together some very beneficial reasons why you should use them.

UV protection

Continued exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause damage such as fading and warping of flooring or furniture. This article by Seasons in Colour explains in more detail why the sun is bad for your home interiors.

Clear window glass can let in as much as 70% of the sun’s UV rays, so any furniture or flooring in the vicinity of uncovered windows is vulnerable to damage. Simply adding sheer window coverings can filter up to 88% of UV rays and when sheer shades like Silhouette and Luminette are in a fully closed position they can block up to 99% of the damaging rays.


If your home can be seen by neighbours or is located on a public walkway or road, you may want privacy but still wish to retain some natural sunlight. When seen from the outside, sheer coverings create an opaque effect that diffuses daytime view into the home. After dark, the vanes on sheer shades offer complete privacy when fully closed.

Light control 

While UV protection is important, there are health benefits of sunlight exposure, such as an increase in serotonin that can improve mood and mental health.

Because luminous sheers allow gently filtered sunlight into your home at a level you can control, you can still feel all the benefits of natural light without the damage risks.

Of course, if you do want to block out the light, simply close the vanes partially or fully for significant room darkening.

Beautiful style choices for every room

Whichever style of window sheer you prefer, they all offer a delicate and appealing alternative to other window coverings. Suitable for use in all rooms of the home, they are available in a range of neutral colours that will complement any style.

Easy to operate

Thanks to their lightweight fabrics, sheer shades can benefit from cordless operating systems that don’t impact the finished look. The shades can be controlled with static or travelling wands, or smart automation can be utilized for operation and programming at the touch of a button.

Sheer Drapes and Shades to Light up Your Home from Ruffell and Brown

If you’re looking for sheer treatments for your home, look no further than Ruffell and Brown Window Coverings in Victoria, BC.

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